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News 2009

News 2009

From the June 2009 Newsletter:


Soccer field, Saturdays 2 pm to dusk. Sundays, dawn to dusk The soccer field is used by the Toronto Eagles Soccer Club Monday through Saturday noon. Then from Saturday 2pm to Sunday evening, it’s available for free community use (on an “everyone welcome” basis). The park’s recreation staff help to allocate the field, so that regular users can schedule their times.
As of the beginning of June, there were no fixed arrangements on Saturdays (times are available).
On Sundays the schedule is :
11:30am - 12:30 Kids Soccer; 12:30-2pm Women's Soccer; 2-4pm Ultimate Frisbee; 4-6pm Cricket from the baseball diamond. All of these sports welcome drop-in users. For more information, or to set up another time slot, contact

Hockey pad: LGBT Ball Hockey Sundays 8-10pm, and Women’s Ball Hockey 7-9pm Mondays (beginning June 15). To book a ball hockey time:

From the May 2009 Newsletter:


From organizer Hasanka Ranasinghe: “We’ll be playing on the soccer field again, with a modified tennis ball, called a tape ball because it has one or more layers of tape wrapped around it to make it slightly heavier, faster and give it less bounce. Naturally, everyone is welcome to join our games.”

Soccer field - no booking on Saturday.
11:30-12:30 Kids Soccer
12:30-2pm Women's Soccer
2-4pm Ultimate Frisbee
4-6pm Cricket from the baseball diamond.
Hockey Pad: Sunday 8-10pm LGBT Ball Hockey
June 15th Women's Ball Hockey 7-9pm Mondays

From the April 2009 Newsletter:

Community SOCCER and CRICKET times

Recreation staff are programming the soccer field for community soccer and cricket from Saturday 2pm to Sunday night, beginning in May when the grass is in. Neighbourhood groups can book times (at no charge) with recreation staff by calling the rink house at 416 392-0913 or emailing

Important note: all community games are open for drop-in as well.

Community BALL-HOCKEY times

People can book game times with recreation staff by e-mailing or calling the rink house at 416 392-0913.

All community games are open for drop-in players.

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