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posted April 14, 2005


Shanti Nahata sends an invitation to the neighbourhood, to join him in a new project that combines fitness and litter-picking at the park, once a week. He writes:

Why: To keep our park even cleaner then it is and have fun doing it.

When: Once a week, sometime between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. We can decide on a day and a time that is the most convenient for everybody</p>

Where are we meeting: 451 Gladstone - Next to St. Mary's School, across from the park

What will we be doing: We'll pick up our cleaning supplies (Garbage bags, gloves, small shovels etc..) at our meeting place. We'll concentrate each week on an area of the park that seems to be the most littered.

After the cleanup we'll go for a leisurely run. I can lead the first run and after that other people can lead and suggest different routes. After the run we will return to our original meeting place for water and juice. Phone 416-530-4620 or e-mail if you want to get involved. Help your community and your body.

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