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Tournament News

posted January 15, 2006

There were three tournaments in January in the three-rink cluster:

Women of Winter Shinny Hockey Tournament at Dufferin Rink
  • January 6 and 7 (8 teams): which was also featured in the media
Wallace Rink Shinny Hockey Tournament (ages 8 to 13) shinny tournament
  • January 7 (6 teams), so the younger kids had their own tournament at Wallace while Dufferin Rink was reserved for women’s shinny
Campbell Rink Tournament (15 and over) January 21 (6 teams).
  • All the tournaments were fast and exciting and worked out really well. If it hadn’t been for Deirdre Norman getting the ball rolling with her women’s shinny tournament, we might not have copied her by having other tournaments as well. (Thanks!)
Next up (still in the planning stage) in February
  • An invitation to the Jimmie Simpson Rink “hockey in the neighborhood” program (at Queen near Broadview), to bring over some younger teams to play at one or several of our three cluster rinks, maybe also with kids from Regent Park South Rink. Watch for the posters, or talk to Dufferin Rink staff.

posted December 22, 2005

Shinny hockey is so much fun that it’s no longer just the sport of guys. (Actually, it never was: if you look at old archive photos of pre-World War I Toronto, you can see hockey was played by lots of women then too).

In addition to Jeannie Stiglicz’ regular Wednesday shinny permit, there is open women’s shinny for two hours on Tuesdays 9 –11 p.m. at Dufferin Rink.

And now for the first year Dufferin Park will host a City-wide women’s shinny tournament. This tournament doesn’t happen until the weekend of January 6 and 7, but now’s the time to sign up. The organizer is Deirdre Norman

There’s so much women’s shinny all over town that Deirdre thought it was time for some friendly competition. Deirdre also lobbied successfully for more women’s open shinny ice time in this part of town: Thursdays 8.30 to 10 p.m. at Wallace Rink (just up the street at Dufferin and Dupont) and Sundays 6 to 8 p.m. at Campbell Rink (two blocks west of Lansdowne, one block south of Dupont). You can find the exact locations of most outdoor city rinks on the “city rinks” section of our web site at (click on "city rinks.")

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