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Weekly Market Notes for April 10, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

We have a nice treat this week to go with the beautiful spring weather. Andrew Akiwenzie will be bringing down a couple of buckets of partially boiled maple sap from the trees around their house, and we'll finish boiling the sap over a fire at the market for kids and adults who'd like a taste of the real, smoky, wonderful stuff. The bakers are making some pans of "Johnny Cake", too, the cornbread that goes so well with fresh syrup. Not to be missed!

Here's some news from the vendors:

From Monika at Greenfields:

For everyone who has been thirsting for tasty local greens- COME AND GET IT! This is the week we've been waiting for all Winter! Our friend and fellow organic grower down the road from us who has been providing the delicious Spring Mix all season, now has big fresh bunches of Red Russian Kale, Mustard, Pac Choi, Bekana, and Green Onions for us and for you! (The greens have all been grown in soil). The huge Bekana leaves have a nice, buttery mild flavour, and make wonderful material for raw/fresh wraps. The Kale is very young and tender- perfect for eating fresh. Other local goodies include Arugula, Beets, Rutabaga, Parsnips, Button Mushrooms, Celeriac, Carrots, and Sunchokes. We managed to get a nice order of Red and Yellow Onions- although not local, they are of very high quality. Juicy, tasty fruits include Pears, Avocadoes, Navel Oranges, Red Peppers and Apples.

June 14th is the Berettas' 7th Annual Barn Dance! Its going to be a fantastic grilled feast with lots of fun and dancing. We are hoping to set up a bus to pick up people from Dufferin Grove and bring them to the farm. If you would be interested in this please let Serena know or send her an email at so we can get an idea of how many people to account for. Also, on special this week Serena will be bringing Flank Steak, Island Beef Sausage, Hanger Steaks, Spicy Beef Sausage, Lean Ground Beef, BBQ Ribs and Pork Baby Back Ribs. Hurray for GRILLING SEASON!!

For anyone who hasn’t yet experienced Deer Valley farmed venison, Irene will have a selection of small steaks (individually packaged). Venison cooks quickly, making it ideal for a quickly prepared meal alongside your favourite market veggies. Those little breakfast sausages cook up quickly too…even for those hurried mornings. Venison is a great source of protein to start your day and keep you going all morning. Now that the weather is warmer for barbequing, how about mixing some ground venison and chopped onion along with your favourite herbs & spices to create your own low-fat gourmet burger. Irene will have plenty of lean ground venison available this week.

From the Sosnickis:

Ben won't be coming this week, but will be there for sure next week, April 17th with potatoes, perogies & sauerkraut. We have 2 big piles of 2+years old organic horse manure & our neighbours' organic cow manure. (Our neighbours combine our crops, bail our straw, use most of it - as we only have a few chickens and 1 horse, and then give us back nutrient-rich organic manure from their organic dairy herd. One beautiful trade!) It is nicely composted and the perfect amendment for your flower/veggie garden. We can share some with the city's gardeners, as there is lots out there and our fields are still pretty rich with nutrients via our rotation, so get it while we CAN spare it! Ben will bring a few bags on the 17th, but we would ask that orders can be placed by emailing me at if you want some saved for pickup. We are going to re-use 28 litre bags from our greenhouse soil to load and sell. Just indicate how many you want and I'll get back with a price. It will be fair. Also, please venture to to see some good blogs from the past few weeks about what we've been up to on the farm, get a recipe or two and meet one of your soil amendment 'contributors' - our horse Lady Bug! Can't wait to be back with our produce, Jessie.

See you at the market!


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