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Weekly Market Notes for April 17, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

It's a beautiful week to welcome back two of our vendors after their winter break:

Tim Clement will return with his delicious crepes, organic vegetarian, or (grain fed, free run) chicken, all made with Merrylynd Organics whole grain & buckwheat flours, and Maria Nasterska (Oh Soy) will be bringing her tasty selection of soy-based baking once again.

Irene of Deer Valley will be cooking venison burgers this week.

With the hours of daylight getting longer and tasty food ready to eat on the spot, the market is the place for dinner! Lots to take home as well:

From the Sosnickis: "Ben will be coming with potatoes, perogies and a truck load of horse compost! If anyone needs some bags perfect for flowerbeds and veggy garden prep. we are selling them for $5. Each bag will cover 12 sq feet 2" thick. They are quite heavy, so plan to bring a cart. We don't have much extra to sell this week because of orders, however I'll send the black book with Ben, so just write your order down for April 24th, as he will be coming every week from now on. It is a tropical paradise in our greenhouse today. All your seasonal vegetables are growing beautifully!" Jess.

From Greenfields: "Mark and the crew are taking advantage of these beautiful sunny days to dig up a fresh batch of tender, delicious Sunchokes- straight from the Spring soil to you! They will even be featured by Chef Ezra this weekend at the Green Living show! Those delicious LOCAL bunches will be back- Red Russian Kale, Pac Choi and Mustard- also, the Spring Mix now contains sweet baby pea sprouts on top of all the other healthy micro greens. Look out for a special treat of plump, flavourful Grapes, Mangoes, Avocadoes, Pink Lady Apples, and juicy Ginger Root. We'll have more of out own Rutabagas and Celeriac, as well as local Beets, Parsnips, and Shiitakes. Shouldn't be long before we have some of our own Spinach, planted last Fall. Check out our blog for fun pictures, links and recipes: (news)." Monika

Toronto Sprouts will be away.

The Park Bakers are fine-tuning new recipes for a cornmeal sourdough and a potato-thyme sourdough. Make sure to let them know what you think of those, or of the new raisin loaf.

This week, in addition to sending you the news, I would like to ask all our market friends to spend a few minutes weighing in on Bill C-517, calling for mandatory labelling of genetically modified foods. A second debate on this bill, followed by a vote in the House of Commons, is coming up very shortly.

More than 40 countries world-wide have labelling laws. For our health and the health of the planet, for Canada's trade, for organic and small family farms, this is a critical issue. Herbicide and insecticide resistant crops are not a long-term success story. Already, resistant weeds and insects and contamination of other crops have become serious problems. Are these new technologies helping growers? "The past five years have been the worst in history for Ontario farmers, yet agribusiness corporations have posted record profits." (From "Farm Update: Genetically Modified Crops in Ontario 2008", produced by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network:
Please visit to find out how to use your voice at this important moment. Thanks.

You'll find more vendors outside this week, but don't miss the ones inside, too.

See you at the market!


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