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Weekly Market Notes for April 16, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Chatting with Bob Felhazi today, the farmer whose famously delicious asparagus will be coming to Dufferin soon, I was sorry to learn that there's still a bit of snow on the ground at his place near Alliston. The reports of unstoppable spring coming from inside the greenhouses and on the farms just a little further south are music to the ears:

From Country Meadows Gardens: "With the beautiful sunny weather for the past weeks (wind was nippy outside but the greenhouses were toasty) our herbs have done amazingly well. This week I will bring some of the Bay Leaf plants I mentioned earlier in the season. The Lemon Grass is so tall we've trimmed it back twice so I will be bringing some of that as well. Both plants are ideal for container gardening and right now are the perfect size for window sills. Of course I'll have the Rosemary again, too.

With this very long winter, many people just can't wait to start gardening. This week I am going to bring a variety of cold tolerant plants that can be planted into the garden now. If the garden is not ready, just plant them into a container, so in a couple of weeks you can harvest the first home grown salad of the season. I'll bring several types of lettuce, spinach, dandelion, endives, chives, etc." Angelos

"The Tractors are in full flight here at Greenfields: planting Sunchokes and primary field cultivation is under way!! Lots of healthy and fresh Fruits and Veggies available this week. Local Root crops are creamy Yellow Potatoes, Rainbow Carrots, Rutabaga, Green Cabbage and Greenfields grown Celeriac and Sunchokes. We will have Local Spring Mix from our friend John Sutherland's greenhouse. Lots more to be enjoyed as well. Make sure to come by and wish me luck as I will be leaving the market for the fields next week. Leslie and our trusted staff will take over. See you there," Mark

An early morning report from Jessie Sosnicki: "As soon as the sun gets up here, I'm heading out to the greenhouse to take pics and create a blog about our greenhouse lettuce. Check it out at This will be our last market absent from Dufferin. We will begin by bringing a large load of compost on the 23rd, so there is still one week left to order by emailing me through our blog. We are also creating 'box gardens', offering some of the crops we grow as seedlings this year for your own garden or pots! All information will also be posted on the blog. See everyone shortly! It's 6:50am and Ben's been out plowing for a long while already; the dirt smells awesome!"

Take the night off from cooking! Tim Clement will be back with a delicious assortment of crepes.

From Deer Valley: “We are contemplating raising wild boars in the very near future and are wondering if there would be a demand for this meat at Dufferin Grove Market. If anyone wishes to contact us we can be reached by email at . Sorry we will not be able to make it to market this week; we look forward to seeing everyone on April 23rd.”

Andrew Akiwenzie will be at this week's market (for longer than last time!) with his much sought-after fish, but away for next week's market, as he will be in San Jose, California. We'll look forward to learning more about his very interesting travels on his return.

One of our regulars has asked me to pass along a special request for your help in aiming for a "fragrance-free" market:

"Some of us who shop at the market do so because we have no other safe place to get our food, since supermarkets and health food stores carry so many scented and other chemical based products, and we need uncontaminated organic food to survive.

I have had several occasions where I took my produce and fruit home only to discover major fragrance chemical contamination - it does NOT wash off. I've also had several occasions when a highly fragranced person made it impossible for me to finish shopping, as exposure to chemicals completely disables me.

I have been getting all of my fruit and produce from the market for several years, and would like to continue doing so, safely. The more people who are aware, the better the air, food and water for everyone."

Patchouli and even essential oils (which aren't always naturally derived) as well as fragranced hand lotions can be particular culprits for people with sensitivities. I'm sure you can appreciate how much your support with this is valued. Thanks.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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