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Weekly Market Notes for April 23, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Happy Earth Week! A good place to celebrate is your neighbourhood farmers' market, where we'll be enjoying another just-in-time return of good weather. Because we wait until the ground has dried nicely and the leaves are out before anyone sets up on grassy areas, for the next few weeks, even on very nice days you'll still find some vendors inside the rinkhouse. This gives everyone as much room as possible.

From Country Meadows Gardens: "This week I'll have ready to plant cold tolerant vegetables such as several varieties of lettuce, dandelion & endives, as well as several varieties of cold tolerant herbs, such as chives and thyme. I'll also have Rosemary, Bay Laurel, Lemon Grass, and Stevia, all nice size plants, great for container gardening." Angelos

Lots of planting, weeding, seeding and all sorts of other spring chores being done at Greenfields this week. A great selection of fruits and veggies will be available. Local Spring Mix as well as bunched Arugula & Mizuna; come early to get your fix of local greens. Enjoy!

From the Sosnickis: "Folks who ordered compost will get theirs tomorrow! I'm taking orders for next Thurs. (the 30th) now. Email, and if you seek answers go to and scroll down to "compost blog" before emailing. Ben will also bring a cooler of food, cabbage and some super, super sweet Sun Sugar Cherry tomato plants for early birds and containers." Jessie

Andrew Akiwenzie will be absent, as he's in San Jose, California presenting at a conference.

Deer Valley Farm will be here this week with fresh venison steaks, roasts, bones and summer sausage slices. You are welcome to mail us at: or visit:

Sandy at the park is baking whole wheat sourdough with flax, and in response to the great demand last time, Jenny says the bakers are making extra batches of the pumpkin seed and rosemary breads.

Lots more good food to enjoy, and an excellent selection of organic seeds from Urban Harvest for those of you who are looking forward to growing some of your own this year.

See you at the market!


P.S. A reminder that your help in aiming for a "fragrance-free" market is appreciated.

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