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Weekly Market Notes for April 20, 2006

Hello Market Friends,

Well, I thought it was going to be a mini-version of the news, and then the messages came rolling in from the farms:

This week, we have a special treat. Wendy Elrick, a farmer from Shakespeare, will begin bringing cutflowers from her gardens, starting with several varieties of daffodils, pussy willows and curly willow. Please welcome her to the market.

From Greenfields:

Things suddenly came to a full swing here at the farm. The greenhouse is bursting with seedlings awaiting transplanting. The farm crew is busy with harvesting and seeding while the farmer is humming along on the tractor from morning till night! All along Kaidy is juggling 5 weekly farmers' markets. Get ready for lots of fresh local produce this week:SPINACH, LEEKS, GREEN ONIONS,BABY BOC CHOY, CILANTRO, SPRING MIX, SUNCHOKES and of course the regular local items such as Shiitake Mushrooms, Watercress,Beets and Carrots.

Lots of fruit this week: citrus,apples,pears, mangos, bananas and kiwis. Broccoli, peppers, sugar snap peas, bunched white spring turnips, zucchini and all the regular offerings...

Also this week flowering Shrubs (1.50/stem).

Come by and say hi to our new farm crew: Brian, Tina, Claudia and Monika.

From Ute (Stonehenge Farms):

I will have fresh wild boar, including lots of sausages. Whole Fenwood Farms chickens are on sale this week.

From Mary Lou of Berettas':

Sounds like a great summer day and it is only April 20th. WOW!! April specials are available (check out the web-site I will be doing sampling of our new turkey franks tomorrow at the market, cooked on a grill! Please drop by.

From Angelos(Country Meadows Gardens):

About the eggs: we have just a small flock of organic chickens (Linda refers to them as her "weed eaters"); therefore the number of eggs we get is very limited. Last week some customers were disappointed because when they arrived the eggs were sold out. For those who want eggs, please come early and if possible bring egg cartons, no plastic or styrofoam (our organic free range chickens would probably refuse to lay if we use egg packaging that's non bio-degradable!!!)

Herbs: we will be introducing our "herbs for small spaces" herb pot, a combination of 3 herbs in containers suitable for windowsills.

Tomato plants: this week I will have very few of the 4 inch pots, so again, for customers who want to get a nice plant for container/patio gardening come early.

From Irene of Deer Valley Farm:

We will have a great selection of fresh cuts of Deer Valley Venison available.

If you are hungry while at the market…try a venison burger on a freshly baked bun or take home (frozen) 100% pure venison burgers, seasoned burgers, mini meatballs, breakfast sausages or venison chili. We also have Elk Velvet Antler & pure Emu Oil available.

In other news, the Park Bakers send word that another fine batch of lemon-rosemary bread has come out of the ovens.

If you're craving market food away from the market, Camros Organic Foods is now officially open at 25 Hayden St. #6 (right near the TTC entrance below Yonge and Bloor). Mojdeh's delicious salads and rice dishes will still be available at the market, but you'll find Beata (Whole World Trading) serving them at her table.

And a request from Colette Murphy:

here it is that time of year again, you know you love it. Say ahhhh. It is tongue depressor stamping time for Urban Harvest.We have 16,000 sticks to stamp so if 16,000 people show up you will only have 1 to make your mark on. Time: 12-4 April 23rd.
Where: 200 Eastern Ave. East of Cherry street and South of King (Foodshare Building.)
Why: Because you love us and we are sooooo appreciative
What else: Snacks to be provided, seeds to take home along with very good company; it is always a fun day.

With many thanks,

Celebrate Earth Day a little early; come to the market!


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