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Weekly Market Notes for April 13, 2006

Hello Market Friends,

Another lucky Thursday for a market squeezed in between the lovely April showers!

To begin, a message from the park bakers:

At the park the bakers are easily distracted by important things like guarding the cob structure from damage and trying to get the darn benches and picnic tables painted. But, this week inspiration struck and we made an exciting new bread. It is a sourdough bread flavoured with lemon and rosemary. It is very aromatic and lovely on its own, probably good with salad and maybe in a bread pudding. hmmmm. We will sell for it 25 cents a slice at the zamboni cafe and welcome comments for next week.

Big news for egg fans this week from Angelos (Country Meadows Gardens):

I will be bringing a limited amount of fresh herbs, potted tomato plants for patio containers (they are already in bloom), and tomatoes from my greenhouses. Also I will bring farm fresh eggs, government inspected and graded. They are in flats of 30 eggs. I will have a limited amount of egg cartons so I encourage customers to bring their own empty cartons if they want to buy by the dozen instead of the flat.

(Editor's note: supplies are limited, so come early if you're counting on them.)

From Berettas' :

Easter is coming!!

Bringing lots of great items to the market for Easter celebrations with friends and family.

I WILL HAVE FRESH ORGANIC TURKEYS-the average weight is 10 to 15 pounds-they are $4.99 per pound. I will bring some to the market. If you are interested it would be helpful to call the office in the morning(416-674-5609)and reserve.

Thank you very much, Mary Lou

This is the week to stock up on your favourite wild treasures from Jonathan Forbes:

"I'll be at the market with some maple syrup, dried mushrooms and the usual wild veggies and fruits, plus some other syrups such as wild blueberry, saskatoon, wild rose, black locust flower and birch.

Jonathan will be busy harvesting leeks, fiddleheads, and other spring delights in the coming weeks, so catch him at the market while you can.

From Lindsay Karabanow:

I am pleased to share with you all that Fire Stoker Foods has taken another step forward.

You can now have our delicious organic products delivered to you, home or office.

Talk to Lindsay, who is now officially back for the season, to get more details.

In case any university student- market fans out there are looking for adventure, some info. passed along by Plan B:

There are still a few openings for the University of British Columbia 3 credit course AGSC 302 Field Studies in Sustainable Agriculture: Cuba.

Dates are April 30 to May 21. (Most are staying an extra few days at the end.)

The course can be taken for university credit or not.

Participants must be enrolled in a Canadian University. (Just graduating is ok too!)

Full course information is posted at

Course cost for three weeks is $2,250 USD and includes pretty much everything - accommodation, transportation and all but a few lunches. Air fare to Cuba is extra.

Perhaps someone would like to do a little field research for the market news??

And from Jutta:

According to the newspapers, Parks and Recreation manager Sandy Straw and a working-group of park users have been meeting for a year to address the question of dogs in parks. Dufferin Grove Park users have not been asked about their dog ideas, but that doesnít mean they donít have any. To find out what these ideas are, park staff Mayssan Shuja will be walking around the park with her notebook asking park users about dogs in the park. Mayssan will be at the farmers' market asking people about dogs in parks between 5 and 6.30 this week. If you want to tell her your ideas but you don't know what she looks like, any of the park staff at the zamboni cafe or the park bread table will point her out to you. To find out more about dogs and City policy, you can go to:

Wishing you a great long weekend, but first,

See you at the market!


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