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Weekly Market Notes for April 6, 2006

Hello Market Friends,

Spring will return in time for the market, so you'll find everybody enjoying the luxury of a bit of extra space again this week, as we set up both indoors and out.

This week we are happy to welcome Adolfo Garces and his helpers, who will bring Kafue, shade-grown organic coffee from Colombia. This coffee is grown and processed by about 1000 families of aboriginal farmers working in a democratic co-op, and locally roasted at Alternative Grounds.

Here's the news from the busy farmers:

From the Sosnickis:

Please let everyone know that Ben will be there with potatoes! Carrots are finished, but those potatoes are still going! Perhaps even next week too, but I can't promise. Things are growing beautifully and we are busy in the greenhouses.

Lots of lettuce, onions, tomatoes, peppers are up etc, etc....This year's crops sprouting in Sosnicki's greenhouse:


From Greenfields:

Hello Market fans, lots to talk about this week but I'll keep it short. LOCAL product here this week are; Beets, Parsnips, Green Cabbage, Carrots, Shiitake Mushroom, Rutabaga, Squash and SPRING Mix. A great selection of Greens including, Black and Green Kale, Red Chard, Collards, Red & Green Leaf Lettuce. Excellent quality Ginger, Mini Sweet Peppers, Radish, Tomatoes, as well as a good selection of Fruit will be here for your enjoyment. See ya, Mark.

From Irene of Deer Valley Farm:

We had a snow storm up here at the farm on Tuesday with white outs! (So different from the nice weather we had last week at the market when we were outside enjoying the sunshine) So I’m not sure if I’ll be outside or in the zamboni garage this week…but I’ll see you there!

and from S & S (Irene's daughters):

We want to thank the ‘well wishing’ patrons of the market for their contributions to help build wells through the Adopt a Village (Clean Water & Sanitation) program with . We will offer oatmeal cookies & apple cider again to raise funds to provide clean water for the people of the Masai Mara village in Kenya, Africa.

Finally, from Jutta, a little excerpt from the hot-off-the-press park newsletter about the pleasures of our market's fifteen minutes of fame:

"Market manager Anne Freeman says that the market has been chosen to receive a Green Toronto Award of Excellence in the Health Category. Paula Vosni, from Fun Guy Farms (the mushroom growers), applied for the award on behalf of the whole market. On March 29, Paula and Mary Lou Dolan from Beretta's went down to City Hall with Anne for a photo/video shoot in preparation for the awards ceremony on May 2. The group there included many children (for school-related environmental awards). The winners were all posed in different groupings for an hour and a half. They had to shout "hurray for Green Toronto!" on cue and hold up signs, and then shout it again but with bigger smiles, or louder, or wait until the Old City Hall clock stopped gonging and then repeat it again. Then the groups were filmed for the City’s award video. Paula, Anne, and Mary Lou had to join other health category winners and hold up signs and shout out "Health!" That group needed a lot re-takes because it sounded like they were shouting "Hell!" unless they pronounced the "th" at the end of the word very sibilantly."

What Jutta didn't mention is that the event got a whole lot more fun when we passed round the park oven bread she'd brought down by bicycle. The kids were ready to eat the loaves whole, and the adults wanted to know where you get this wonderful stuff.

Aaah, good food. On that note--see you at the market!


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