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Weekly Market Notes for April 22, 2010

The Earth Day Edition

Hello Market Friends:

So much good news this week! Love those letters from our farmers and vendors:

Linda from Country Meadows writes: "Isn't this weather incredible? I just came in from transplanting. There's a small pond near my main greenhouse and the frog songs tonight were absolutely amazing. Listening to them while I worked was so relaxing, there's nothing like being in tune with and appreciating nature. These sunny days are making the plants grow so fast. On Thursday we'll have a good selection of herbs, in fact I'll be sending some of the larger ones this week. Of course these plants are all cold tolerant, still too early to take tomato plants."

Sosnickis' news: "COMPOST, COMPOST, COMPOST this week! We have orders for quite a few bags for Dufferin, so if you need some please email us with quantities! Our blog gives all details and information: The radish harvest will be plentiful this week, and we're headed out in the field to gather as many leeks as possible. We'll also have our red & white potatoes, cabbages, perogies & sauerkraut. The farm is hopping this week! Lots of seeding and planting, items such as cucs and watermelons are seeded in greenhouse and crops like lettuce and *sweet shelling peas* are in field now. Even the strawberry patch is 'greening' up!! We're pretty proud to still be making it to market with just our own farm produced items in the traditional sucky month of April! Thanks for everyone's support and each year we hope to do better & try new things!" Jessie & Ben.

Greenfields report: "The first field greens were harvested today and the farmer already got the obligatory "getting the tractor stuck in the field" done and over with and therefore we declare spring to be officially here to stay! We are excited to be offering our own baby Kale and Radicchio this week. Grown in the field without supplementary heat nor plastic covers, they taste awesome. If you are not a member of "Greenfields Organic Farm" facebook page yet, we invite you to go there to see the latest pictures of today's harvest. Also from Greenfields we will be bringing Beets and Sunchokes and possibly the first of the Rhubarb. Our list of certified organic Ontario produce is growing as well: Bok Choy, English Cucumbers,Watercress, Shiitake Mushrooms, Celeriac, Carrots, Bok Choy, Radishes, Salsify and lots more. Adrian, Ryan and Toshimi will be at market this week with myself staying behind to prep the fields for a massive transplanting day on Friday - just before the weekend rains! Local Certified Organic = Food You can trust." Lorenz

Coming in from Growing Spaces: "We're back on track from our busy week last week with seeding on the farm! New this week is an apple butter that I made one night with our apple sauce and sweet apple cider and a blackcurrant/ gooseberry jam also known on the farm as Black Goose Jam." Blythe

Welcome back to Tim Clement: "We are glad to finally be returning to the market this week! To kick off the return of spring, I am introducing a new crȇpe selection, using Sosnickis' overwintered leeks (braised) with potatoes. The menu will also include some of our traditional favourites: Gasparo's free run grilled chicken breast with oven roasted tomatoes, sautéed organic portabello and cremini mushrooms, and featuring for the first time, organic baby spinach from Tamas Dombi (Kind Organics). The sweet crȇpe will once again be served with maple syrup from Forbes' Wild Foods. The crȇpes will continue to be hand spun with red fife wheat flour from CIPM (Patricia Hastings), near Madoc. (Chef Mike will be returning in May to rejoin me with whole grain burritos)".

Yes, your patience will be rewarded, and spring really is official: The first wild leeks, from Beausoleil First Nations in Georgian Bay, will be on offer at Forbes Wild Foods table!

James Lee of Nujima may bring us some wild leek pesto, too.

Hungry yet?

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P. S. Earth Week news of interest: Starting April 1, Ontarians can recycle 44 electronic items including MP3 players, cameras, telephones, and radios at more than 500 approved sites. The electronic equipment recycling program is funded by fees paid to Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) by manufacturers and importers of electronics in Ontario. For the year starting April 1, 2010, OES plans to collect over 46,000 tonnes of unwanted electronics – that’s enough to fill over 3,100 dump trucks. The year five goal is nearly 85,000 tonnes of waste electronics. To find your nearest OES approved collection site and choose Electronics.

You can get into this weekend's Green Living Show free if you bring an electronic item to recycle:

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