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Weekly Market Notes for April 15, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

It has been a very lively week in the world of market correspondence, a sign of the promising seasons ahead!

In addition to vendor messages, and many more requests to join the market than we can accommodate (sorry!), one of the correspondents was Madeleine Greey, who writes a Toronto food blog called limeleavesandtastebuds. She's a big fan of Red Fife wheat, so I told her about Dawn Woodward's enthusiastic use of it in Evelyn's Crackers, and our very own Dufferin Park Bakers' Red Fife bread, made with the same delicious organic and local flour from CIPM (Patricia Hastings), near Madoc. If you haven't tried it yet, it's tasty stuff, and part of the return from the brink of extinction of this Ontario treasure. Madeleine's an east-ender, but now she's tempted to cross the great river valley and come for a visit.

Here's the vendor news:

From Linda at Country Meadows: "Because this weather has been so absolutely amazing, a lot of people just can't wait to start gardening, & rightfully so, especially container gardening where the gardener and not Mother Nature rules!
I've been getting so many inquiries re tomato plants, basil, dill, etc.--plants that are not cold tolerant. I do have these plants but will not bring them to the market until at least the first week of May. However, for anyone wanting to get a great jump start on the growing season, these plants are ready. All customers have to do is place their orders at the market (if it's tomatoes, early varieties only), and we'll deliver them to the market next Thursday (providing the temperature is above 7 degrees C).
The plants that I have been sending to the market with Angelos for the past few weeks and will send tomorrow are cold tolerant, they can easily withstand temperatures of 0 degrees C and lower."

Sosnickis' news: "We are now taking orders for our organic HORSE COMPOST! We'll be bagging today and Ben will start bringing to Dufferin this week and all the weeks following. Each bag is $5 and covers 10 sq ft. about 2 inches thick. Email us at with your order. Please visit our blog for information at: Happy Urban Farming to all! Along with compost tomorrow, Ben will have our storage crops, some overwintered field spinach and leeks (if large enough) and some radishes too! Perogies & sauerkraut as usual. And, yep, some field planting has begun!" Jess&Ben.

Nujima Living Foods, represented by Duane (a familiar face as he used to bring sprouts), will be back.

Hoping we'll have ice cream this time from Best Baa; can't be certain at time of writing, but if I scream and you scream it might work.

We're a "food-only" market, but since good cooks need good tools, we've invited Exact Edge Sharpening Service to visit the market for the next four markets (starting this week) to help prepare for spring in the kitchen and garden. Here's some information from Denzil Miao:

We have been in business officially since 2002. However I have been sharpening tools as a hobby for the past 15 years or longer. I wanted to know more about this skill and joined a community of people who appreciate the craftsmanship that is involved in tool sharpening. The community consists of professional sharpeners in Canada and the USA who discuss modern methods. Through discussions and meetings, and the number of years of hands-on experience I have honed my sharpening skills to the point where it is today. Our Group motto is “Getting away from The Stone Age”. The machines used by Exact Edge are not the conventional, high speed stone grinders employed by the travelling sharpeners. We use equipment which has been researched by professional sharpeners, to remove the least amount of metal to acquire a desired sharp edge.

We provide a sharpening service for: Kitchen tools: Knives, Scissors, Processing / Grinding Blades, etc. Gardening tools: Pruners, Shears, Mower blades, Hoes , Shovels etc. Woodworking tools: Carbide Saw Blades & Router bits, Chisels, Planer Knives Chainsaw Chains, Axes, Buzz Saw Blades We specialize in Reel Mower sharpening.

A reminder to dog owners: walking the dog and coming to market is an appealing combination, but please remember to keep dogs on-leash, well away from all food, and in the great outdoors. We don't like to be heavy-handed about rules, but we have to be mindful of food safety requirements as well as the safety of our many small human market visitors at all times.

Thanks for your co-operation and your support.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Look around the website for information about all that's been happening at the park, and the upcoming Jane's Walk May 1.

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