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Weekly Market Notes for April 08, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Things are growing by leaps and bounds with this burst of spring, making it hard to predict when some of our early crops might be ready. One thing's for certain; the farmers will 'bring it on' as fast as they are able! Fewer have found the time to write this week, as there's so much to do, but we'll have a good crew on hand at the market.

Let's celebrate our Toronto April showers, after an alarmingly dry March. The rain is appreciated on the farms, as the Sosnickis write:

"Well, perfect timing for some thunderstorms! We rented our neighbours' huge equipment and spread the first of our organic manure on a few fields this year. We managed to plant a nice patch of oats before the rain came as well. We are set to plow, cultivate and start field plantings very soon! This year has a great vibe so far...fresh batch of potato cheddar perogies, still lots of sauerkraut, regular storage crops, too available at market. Greenhouses thriving! We spent the thunderstorms in our covered fields planting lettuce seedlings! Dufferin will get our head lettuce and radish in a few weeks time! April is our sucky month. Not much to offer -we are doing our best to correct this. Know that we are very, very busy growing soo much stuff to ride out the rest of the year!! ;)" Jess&Ben.

Greenfields' news echoes the theme:

The rain is quite welcome out here on the farm. We managed to get a few fields tilled and some early crops seeded just in time before the thunderstorms moved in.
Greenfields will have a large selection of wonderful fruits to cheer you up while the rain is falling. Pomelos, Strawberries, Pineapples, Pears, Oranges, Apples and Bananas.
We are excited to be offering local Yams. Fresh dug Sunchokes from our farm, still lots of our famous heirloom Beets left, Ontario Rainbow Carrots, Celeriac and new this week: Salsify.
Please say hello to a new Greenfields farmer this week. Ryan will be coming to Dufferin to join Adrian and Momi this week.

Angelos (Country Meadows) will be bringing more choices for your planters, windowsills, and eventually gardens week by week, and it's time to start some of Urban Harvest's seeds for summer delight.

Amazing salad ingredients grown by Kind Organics are on offer, all from their sun-warmed greenhouse.

In meats, talk to Ionel (Bees Universe) if you're interested in ordering rabbit, and help us spread the word that Halal venison is now available from Deer Valley. Lots for the barbeque from Berettas, too.

My current favourite spring treat is Best Baa's sheep's milk yogurt (extra abundant right now) with Forbes maple syrup. I would serve this to the most esteemed visitor as a local delicacy (unless I had gobbled it all up before their arrival, that is...).

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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