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Weekly Market Notes for April 1, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Toronto is lovely this week, but the news from the farms makes early spring that much more exciting. My morning read started with this note from Linda Kapelaris of Country Meadows:

"I feel as if I won the weather lottery this year. We seeded the greenhouses in early winter and with such a mild winter, everything is growing really fast. The cold weather over the past week has been a blessing; it allowed me to give the cold tolerant plants some "tough love" and harden them off, so now they are looking for new homes. The weather is going to be amazing this week so Angelos will bring some of our Alpine Strawberry plants as well as heritage lettuce varieties to the market. These plants are hardy and do well in containers, so for anyone itching to get a jump start on growing something, drop by the market on Thursday for a little peek at what's to come. We have chickens & turkeys hatching everywhere so spring has really sprung at the farm." Linda

Here's another upbeat message, this time from the Sosnickis:

"We are soo busy and it feels great! This weather makes the work that much more enjoyable!! Hoeing in our covered fields, greenhouse maintenance, seeding, transplanting and hauling out the rest of the big bins of storage crops is what is keeping Ben and I just hopping around the farm! Usual storage crops coming tomorrow and the frozen foods. Anyone interested in our compost this year can simply email me at and I will include you in our e-mailing list all about it, how much, when to order, when we'll be shipping etc, etc..." Jess&Ben.

Lorenz from Greenfields writes:

"The warmer weather has brought on an urgency to complete many spring tasks at the farm. The greenhouse is greening up as it should and we just harvested the first lot of Sunchokes this year. They taste especially good when freshly dug, and we'll have some at Dufferin. Also look for our own Carrots, Beets and the last of the Celeriac. For Easter we have a few surprises: lots of different fruits, local YAMS, local field grown SPINACH, local Fingerling Potatoes along with Cucumbers, Eggplants, Zucchini and Rapini to make your Easter dinner a special one. Chard, Kale and Romaine are looking great this week. While farmers in California move their equipment from the south to the north for the summer season, some produce might be in short supply. Broccoli and Cauliflower has been most affected."

From James Lee:

"Nujima is looking for a market assistant to work with us this season. Someone with a van is preferable but not necessary." For more info, email

Ionel (John) and Irina Alecu of Bees Universe are adding more components to their farm, including raising rabbits. There should be a good supply of fresh bunny eggs this week.*

Shane Eby of Under Ground Organics sent along a nice account of his recent trip to the US as part of his agricultural scholarship. It's posted on the website under Market News.

With the beautiful weather we'll have more vendors outdoors. Don't miss the tables inside as well; we've got many choices for festive feasts. Wishing you a wonderful long weekend, but first,

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

(*just checking that you're still paying attention.)

P.S. Ben and Jessie's summer helper and all-round market gal Jessica Moore will be part of the lineup at Holy Oak this Thursday, along with Lisa Bozikovic and James Van Bolhuis. The collaboration includes banjo, guitar, piano, accordion, drums and sweet sweet harmonies. (1241 Bloor Street West, 9:30 pm, PWYC)

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