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Weekly Market Notes for March 25, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Thursday afternoons are going to get better and better, as we spill outdoors more, enjoy the extra space, and gradually welcome back outdoor season vendors. We'll know it's really spring when we have flowers for sale, and this week I got a promising note from Shane Eby of Under Ground Organics:
"We're gearing up now and my hands are dirty again. We're intending to come to Dufferin as soon as we can - this year I'm determined to bring our tulips and daffodils so I've been coaxing them to come out of the ground in an orderly fashion, all together, over several weeks. We'll see if they're listening or not."
(Let's hope they are! More news next time about Shane's experiences as a Nuffeld scholar so far.)

Sosnickis report: "We will have fresh LEEKS from the field! They were planted late last year and we didn't harvest anything much last fall, so we over-wintered the patch and start harvest today! Also lots more Potatoes, Onions & Cabbages. And of course perogies and sauerkraut! Greenhouses are 'nice and green', all seasonal veg well on its way!" Jess&Ben.

Greenfields news: "It's a beautiful day on the farm! The greenhouse is quickly filling up with transplants and the sunny weather brings in many customers at our farm stand. Time permitting, we'll dig some fresh sunchokes for Dufferin.
On the downside we had a break in at our office last weekend and lost a good part of a week's earnings.
We'll finally have some nice Ontario apples that so many of you requested. Also our own carrots, beets, celeriac and rutabagas along with our usual display of fruits and vegetables.
Looking forward to seeing both new and old customers at Dufferin." Lorenz

"Mark would like to send a big thanks to his friends at Greenfields and Dufferin Grove for all their kindness and support. I'll see ya sometime soon!!"

Deer Valley Farm will have HALAL venison available Thursday, March 25th at Dufferin Grove Park Market. Drop in or place your reserved order by contacting us at: or

Blythe of Growing Spaces will be back with her preserves, including a lovely new apple curry chutney on the menu.

Sunset's not til 7:32 this Thursday....Welcome back to those who finish work late and enjoy some light to shop by.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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