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Weekly Market Notes for March 18, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

This will be Mark Skinner's last week behind the Greenfields table, as he's heading off to Peterborough to study Sustainable Building. If the market is your only place of contact with Ontario agriculture, you might think there are plenty of young farmers around, but in fact they are an endangered species in this province. The average age of a farmer in Ontario is in the high 50s, and not many sons and daughters who have grown up on the family farm are sticking around. Our best hope for a future with local food in it is with people like Mark, but getting started in farming generally means doing some other kind of work to finance it. We hope to eat the food you grow in the future Mark. Best wishes for your success!

The Sosnicki's sent along this note:

Log onto to read a short and sweet blog called 'Spring at Sosnicki's'. Some info and pics about our progress on the farm with our new season of vegetables!!! Ben will have all the potatoes, onions, beets and cabbage you need tomorrow and as always, a cooler of frozen foods too! Fixin' greenhouse no. 1 today and getting a tan! What weather!! Jess &Ben.

Angelos (Country Meadows) and Colette & Pablo (Urban Harvest) will be absent this week.

For those of you who had to settle for frozen bread last week, the park bakers have added a little extra this time, including bringing back the delicious potato sourdough.

We are SO ready to get the jump on spring with the fresh and healthy sprouts and greens Kind Organics will be bringing. Check out this list!

Sprouts and Shoots: Sunflower, Pea Shoots, Buckwheat, Micro-greens, Fenugreek, Alfalfa, Carrot, Wheat Grass, Quinoa, Ancient Eastern Blend, Radish Sprouts, Crunchy Bean Mix, Sandwich Booster, Spring Salad Sprouts Greens (some in limited quantities): Spinach, Swiss Chard, Arugula, Salad Blend, Stinging Nettle

If you drop by the park early in the day you might find a group of youngsters busily cooking a big pot of Chili in the park kitchen to serve to hungry market goers. Chili for Chile is the motivation that is driving these young chefs and they hope you will drop by their table at the market and ask them about it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, perfect weather for a pint on a patio.

See you at the market!

Anne and Jenny

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