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Weekly Market Notes for March 11, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Sap season, hurray! This week I've noticed more people smiling on the streets, finding excuses to linger outside instead of rushing, the bike locks are full, and while the park is not looking its finest yet, the trees are silently preparing for green.
You may notice some "maple leaf rising over the fields" logos on signs at the market. This is the official Canada Organic symbol, and we thought our certified producers should show off a little. You're always very welcome to ask any of our vendors (or me) about their farming methods, ingredients, etc. One of the principles that's important to us at the market is willingness to share information. Here's this week's news from the farmers:

Sosnickis' contribution: "Well, certainly taking advantage of this awesome weather and we are seeding, seeding, seeding! We are not fooled, as it can get cold again and even snow, so we'll be ready to protect our sprouted and germinating crops in greenhouse. We will have our 5 storage crops this week, minus carrots- all we have left are big splitters or tiny uglies-juicers! I've been boiling small red potatoes and tossing them with butter for Ben and the flavour is just awesome! Very happy with our potato stock this year. We'll bring extra sauerkraut, as it really seems to be catching on AND whole wheat sauerkraut perogies! These are good BBQ'd. Very serious, yum! All regular perogies too!" Jess&Ben.

News from Greenfields: "Greenhouse seeding starts today!! Lots of great, fresh fruits and veggies at our table this week. Greenfields-grown Celeriac, Rutabaga, Red 'Lutz' Beets and of course our famous Carrots. Local greenhouse Salad mix and beautiful Blood Oranges are featured this week. See you there," Mark

This will be Ted Thorpe's last week until he comes back with new harvests.

Tamas and Sandra Dombi will be in attendance with fresh sprouts and baby spinach from their unheated greenhouse, and more delicious salad-makings on the way.

The park news, from Jutta Mason:

Friday Night Supper is carrying on at the Dufferin Grove clubhouse even though the skating season is over. The park cooks (Anna Bekerman, Mary Sylwester, Jenny Cook, Matt Leithold) have too many recipes they want to try, they can't stop now. The farmers still have so many root vegetables, the park shelves are full of preserves -- time to enjoy this bounty now, since the future course of events at the park is more-than-usually up in the air.

The park staff have now begun meeting with management to sort out the details. In addition, every second Friday night there will be a staff meeting after Friday Night Supper (7.30 sharp) in the clubhouse, for more sorting out. These meetings will be open to any park users who want to sit in and learn more about what makes the park work as it does (and what might have to stop). The first open-door Dufferin Grove staff meeting will be on Friday March 19, dealing with the summer playground plans. More details in the March newsletter, due to hit the stands in time for the market this Thursday.

If you've got some friends on "staycations" (sorry) for March Break, how about introducing them to the good foods coming to Dufferin next week?

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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