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Weekly Market Notes for March 04, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Friday Night Supper diners were raving about Anna Bekerman's Fish Pie last week, so I called her up for instructions. Like many a fine cook, Anna relies on instinct more than measuring spoons, and with these guidelines, you can too:

Akiwenzie's Smoked Fish Pie with Market Roots
Pastry for double-crust pie.
Peel and cube some root vegetables (parsnip, carrot, potato) and roast until tender. If desired, blanch some kale (a quick dunk in boiling water should do) and chop to add to the roasted veggies. Coarsely shred a piece of smoked fish, and mix all the filling ingredients together. Make a white sauce, using a bit more than half milk and mixing in some Best Baa yogurt for a delicious tang. Gently blend with the vegetables and fish. Line a pie plate with pastry, fill and cover. Cut a nice fish design into the top and bake until pastry is golden and filling is bubbly.

Every week that Andrew Akiwenzie makes it down I feel so lucky to enjoy the top-quality fish he brings us, so fresh from the wintry waters. Don't worry if you can't cook it right away; it freezes perfectly and takes very little time to thaw for a fine meal whenever you're ready.

More news about great food brought to you by great people:

Sosnickis' contribution: "Well, getting out of the kitchen and back into my Greenhouse gym where running a shovel is my workout! Out of hibernation (if you can even call our busy winters that!) and back to some good physical labour in preparation for this summer's harvests. Lots of seeding is going on! We are burning wood, so Benny is up twice a night to stoke and keep it warm for our seedlings and soon-to-germinate crops. We will be coming to Dufferin with the usual storage crops: lots of potatoes still, carrots, beets, celeriac, cabbage & onions. Also we still have lots of perogies (in whole wheat too!) & tubs of sauerkraut that everyone seems to be enjoying. You can also log onto our blog (that I spiffed up!) to read about some of the new varieties of Heirloom tomatoes we'll be growing this year and get a sneak peak at our thriving seedlings." Jess& Ben

Sandy writes: Beretta Organic Meats “SPRING STOCK-UP SPECIALS” have been carried-over for one more week!!
LEAN GROUND BEEF – 3 pkgs for $10

Best Baa will be away this week and next.

James Whetung of Black Duck Wild Rice plans to bring fresh sap to sell as a refreshing spring tonic, or for making sap tea (my favourite in the sugar bush). Bring a container along, he'll sell it by the litre.

Congratulations to Mel, Alvaro and Rod of Plan B on winning a Friend of the Greenbelt award this week (the Greenbelt's 5th anniversary). They were nominated by the Ontario Association of Food Banks, and the award was presented by Sarah Harmer. We're looking forward to Plan B's return to market when the first greens are ready in their greenhouses, likely late in April.

We've come to the end of 'Shop & Skate' Markets. As we head into March, it's pretty clear that the smart money's on the sun, but you might still have a chance for a farewell tour of the rink if you come by in the (cooler) mornings or evenings. Thanks, skating fans, for working around us.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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