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Weekly Market Notes for April 25, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

Everybody has been asking when we'll be moving down to the market path, in this gradual spring of 2013. The rule is: watch for the maple trees to shed their yellow blooms and the first of their leaves to open, see if the ground looks pretty dry, and then make the leap. It's still hard to narrow down our predictions, but it's looking like late May. Until then, you'll see our vendors gradually blooming into the great outdoors, but staying on the pavement up top to avoid making a muddy mess.

We've had a lot of other questions, too, about changes to the snack bar food. The onsite staff have been told they can't buy the ingredients they need in the way they used to, but the required City procedures have still not been sorted out. This means no orders for organic hot dogs, flour, or kitchen staples can be placed, and it's very difficult to source other ingredients as well. We really need a workable solution, and keep hoping the process will not take much longer, but in the meantime, keep asking the questions you need to, and thanks for your patience.

Here's the vendor news:

Ali Harris of the Fish Shak has a terrific new juicer. Instead of sounding like loggers arriving in the forest, it purrs like a little kitten; you might not even notice him buzzing up delicious fresh apple, kale, carrot and ginger drinks. They're very tasty, and you'll feel your energy lift right away after drinking one.

The salad greens are growing fast at Woolerdale Organic Farm. Ann called to say they're bringing a nice load.

Linda at Country Meadows writes: “The weather is supposed to be great for the weekend so we'll have a nice selection of cold tolerant plants for anyone who wants to get a jump start on container gardening or even backyard gardening. I've been hardening off these plants and purposely left them out in -3 weather the other night to make sure they don't mind the cold and they came through with flying colours,so go gardeners!! For those customers who have been asking and patiently waiting so long for the heritage turkey eggs, they will be at the market this time. I think this will be a short season for turkey eggs so grab them while they are available. We will also have some Berkshire pork.”

“Come try our kale sunflower seed pesto and arugula pumpkin seed pesto at.the table this week! The onion flatbreads make a perfect pair with any one of them. Pesto is $5 and flatbread is 5 slices for $10. Looking forward to another spring day at the market on Thursday!” Cassandra from Earth and City

“We will have Cosmic Salad Blend and other lettuce blends as well as a few bags of Stinging Nettle. Come by our booth and try our Water Kefir, I'll have samples this week.” Sandra Dombi, Kind Organics

Natasha Akiwenzie wrote to say temperatures were below zero and it was snowing, but Andrew will be down with smoked fish for sure and possibly fresh.

Sosnickis' news: "Work continues like crazy on the farm despite snow last Saturday morning covering lettuce and onions seedlings on wagons waiting to be planted! Toughen them up we say!! My little 'village' helping to raise baby Sadie so I can work in the greenhouse a few hours every day is extremely helpful! Kera was down from the city this week for two days helping out transplanting tomatoes, peppers and seeding melons! They say the warm weather is coming and we are ready! Ben was out till the wee hours last night working ground and though we are running two weeks late due to the cold, wet weather the crops are going in soon. We'll be back before you know it!" Jess & Ben

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. We've got new neighbours! Toronto School of Art has moved into the old Kent School across the street. Since some of their fine faculty are friends of the market and park, I thought we should help them spread the word:

You’re invited to attend Toronto School of Art's open (under construction) house!

Come get a sneak peek of our new location and meet some of our faculty.

When: 1:00 – 4:00 p.m., Saturday April 27, 2013

Where: 980 Dufferin Street, Second Floor

RSVP via Facebook, Email: or Phone: 416-473-7949

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