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Weekly Market Notes for May 02, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

What a heavenly week. Tell your boss the doctor says you need more vitamin D and green stuff (for both the eyes and the belly), and slip out early; we can fill that prescription for you! There will be vendors both indoors and out around the building, and lots have been writing and calling:

Forbes Wild Foods news: "Just in case you hadn't noticed yet, Spring has sprung! Seth here with proof definite, the harbinger of all other forest edibles .... the wild leek, aka Ramp. Those who are already acquainted have been asking me for weeks and if you haven't had the pleasure you are in for a treat. With an unforgettable aroma, leaves like a spicy spinach and bulbs that are similar to an onion/garlic cross these delicate spring veggies are sure to spice up many a dish this weekend. They are only available for a few weeks a year so don't miss out on the fun. Also this week I will have a few pots of wild garlic for a hardy addition to any herb garden, and some freshly dug wild Sunchokes to round out the foraged items as well as my usual range of sweet through savoury. Just follow your nose to the leeks."

From Country Meadows: "Well we asked for it and we got it, glorious weather for everyone. I will be very happy to be outside with the plants. We'll have a great selection of pork cuts, including organ meats such as liver, heart, kidneys, nice portions of pork fat for anyone looking for fat for frying, as well as roasts, chops, & sausages. The bacon is still at the smoke house so we won't have bacon this week. For customers wanting something smaller than a roast but bigger than a pork chop, we have some great fresh (not smoked) ham steaks which are ideal for 1 or 2 people. Of course we'll have lots of plants, and also turkey eggs."

Ted reports that he's been getting lots of early plantings in the ground between showers. It's still too wet for his neighbours to plant corn, soy, or other big crops, but this week may change that.

"Kind Organics is beginning our FARM RAISING Subscription Campaign this week at Dufferin Grove Farmers' Market. Some of you may not know that we've been farming entirely on rented land these past 4 years. We are committed to farming and need a permanent home to ensure our longevity. We really need your support to raise the necessary funds to purchase a property. Our subscription campaign will help us raise a down payment while passing on a substantial savings of up to 40% to our subscribers on all our products. Please come by our table for more details. Thank you, Sincerely" -Sandra, Tamas & The Kind Organics Team

From Urban Harvest: "Hi all, we hope that this lovely weather keeps up and we can be outside with plants for veggies, herbs and flowers, and seeds too." Colette

"Earth and City has some new offerings this week! Come by and try our new Navy Bean and Dill Hummus made with lemon, olive oil, garlic and sea salt. We've also been experimenting with different flatbread ingredients and have two new ones to sample: Caraway and Wheat-Free Tamari Flatbreads for a savoury option, and Carrot-Apple Flatbreads for the sweeter version." Cassandra

Helga from Pine River Organic Farm called to say they predict asparagus in about two weeks, so we're rounding the bend!

Toronto School of Art staff and volunteers will be paying us a visit to share information on their programs, now running right across the street from the market.

In park news, here's a new release from Jutta Mason's prezi studio, this one about cost accounting as it pertains to Dufferin Grove. It was part of a presentation at an accounting conference at the Schulich School of Business last Saturday:

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman


The Pickering Lands: A Breadbasket for Toronto


with Special Guests Donna Tranquata of Food and Water First and David Cohlmeyer

In 1972 Canada’s federal government expropriated 18,600 acres of the richest farmland in Canada for an airport that never got built. It is currently being leased out for industrial farming, but William Lishman has a different vision for the Pickering Lands. Come to this special Green Neighbours meeting to learn about what he has in mind, and help kick-start a movement to set aside these precious lands as a zone for small-scale, sustainably-operated farms serving the city of Toronto. (The event has been moved to a larger space to accommodate more people because the excitement is building!)

The Sanctuary

St. Matthews Church

St. Clair W. at Rushton

7:00-9:00 pm

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