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Weekly Market Notes for May 09, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

We'll be making some last-minute in-or-out decisions about market setup this time, depending on the weather, but even if there are a few showers it will be a lovely market. Forbes Wild Foods will have more fresh wild leeks, sustainably harvested on Christian Island, Ali Harris (Fish Shak) and Cassandra (Earth & City) will be blending up refreshing and nutritious beverages, Colette (Urban Harvest) and Angelos (Country Meadows) will have a good supply of plants, Blythe (Growing Spaces) may be back with jams and chutneys, and here's something else to get excited about:

Big news from Woolerdale, (and they sent a photo to prove it): “I attached a picture of the field loaded with asparagus! We will have tons, and some awesome salad mix too!”

We won't see her for a while yet, but Laura Sabourin from Feast of Fields took time out of a very busy week to write, too: “Great time of year, peaches and apricots are in bloom; cherries, plums and pears will bloom any day. We have been busy here on the farm. Yesterday we planted Paw Paw and Permission trees. We have full tables of melons, artichokes and tomatoes happily growing in our greenhouse, soon to be moved outdoors. Next week we will plant more fruit trees into our existing orchards (pears, apples, apricots, peaches) and another 2200 grape vines!”

I'm sorry to say that not all the news this week is good:

From the Sosnickis: “This spring we have had such joy with the birth of our daughter Sadie and now great sadness with the passing of Ben's mom. Ben found comfort in keeping busy, therefore he was planning the funeral as well as planting crops the last few days. Sophie Sosnicki was an amazing farm woman and had worked this land from the 60's up until last year along side us. She is missed like crazy. Her empty chair in the greenhouse brings tears almost every morning. She will live on in little Sadie. She got to see, touch and love Sadie in the hospital before she died. One farm woman gone, another born.... Ben and I will be back to market when we can. It's been a rough spring. Crops are getting in thanks to the weather and our greenhouse greens are almost ready! As soon as Ben gets more done in the fields - he'll be back!”

Our heartfelt condolences go out to you, Ben and Jessie.

Here's to real food and the people dedicated to making and growing it for us.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. We'll have guests from Karma Co-op with an info table this week:

"Founded in 1972, Karma is a member-owned, democratically run co-operative. We specialize in organic, local, non-GMO and fair trade food and household products. We carry over 200 bulk items, including rarities like organic wheat-free tamari soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup and honey, oils, pastas and misos. We're conveniently located in the Annex (Seaton Village), and are currently holding a new-member drive, as well as offering non-members expanded shopping opportunities."

For more information, please visit us online at

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