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Weekly Market Notes for August 12, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Peaches. Tomatoes. Corn. Wild Blueberries. This is it folks, Ontario summer perfection. Like they say in the song, there's no place like this. Here's some news from the farms:

"Bumper crop! Sosnickis have two crops to discuss this week: #1: Sauce tomatoes. We're now taking orders for our bulk 'Viva Italia' Roma Tomatoes! Each 25lb case (1/2 bushel) is $25 ($1 per lb!) Email with your name, # of cases you need and which Thursday you wish to purchase and pick up your tomatoes. FINALLY a decent looking tomato crop!!
O-Kay #2: SWEET CORN! We are bringing lots for everyone to Dufferin this week! It is gorgeous! Sweet, fresh & not at all starchy. The price will be firm at $1 per cob or $10 a dozen ($6 per1/2 doz.) Now listen, the fact that conventional sweet corn is generally 'cheap' is very, very wrong. Sweet corn is a heavy feeder, it sucks a ton of nutrients out of the soil. To grow this crop certified organic is a challenge and we have to make certain we maintain a proper rotation to build up our soil after a year of corn.
I soak my cobs in a bucket of water, then throw entire cob with husk intact on a bed of coals (or BBQ) and let it cook/steam inside its husk. So delicious when rolled in some organic butter - please try and tell me that's not worth a buck?!!
Our peppers are also awesome! More large green sweet bells, yellow bells, hots too. No, reds are not ready. Soon! Speaking of 'rotation' - it's been OVER 10 years since peppers have been grown on the land our pepper patch is growing on this year! Less insect issues this way totally! Leeks, Sweet Onions, Shallots, Heirloom Tomatoes, Beefsteak Basket tomatoes, Potatoes, new patch of Green & Yellow Beans, Zucchini & yet more Kale will be adorning our harvest tables at Dufferin this week. Eat everyone - EAT!!" Jessie & Ben

Greenfields news: "Heat and rain keep the crops and the weeds growing at a fast pace which makes for a very busy farm crew here at Greenfields. We just started harvesting from a new planting of kale and chard and both are very tender. Still lots of beets in all shapes and colors. Summer cabbages, parsley, celery, eggplants zucs, garlic and fresh bunches of red onions." Lorenz

Debbie Wiecha of Niagara Lavender Farm will have all she can fit in the truck: it's peak of season for Red Haven (freestone) peaches.

Deer Valley Farm is happy to announce that this week we will have our own seasonally only available, free-range chickens! Fresh ¼ chicken fronts and backs, whole chickens and hot off the grill…chicken burgers! With thanks to all our loyal customers; we are happy to be at Dufferin Grove!” ~ Irene & Tony & family

The not-to-be missed event of the season is coming up Saturday August 21st (from 4 pm to ?) at Ted Thorpe's farm. It's a festival of food and music, featuring many of Ted's remarkable network of friends: chefs, farmers, musicians, and others who love a good time. Tickets, which include abundant entertainment and food, are $40 and you can get them, along with more details and directions, at any of Ted's markets.

Here's a shot from Laura of outdoor
plantings. The beautiful deep red on the
far right is amaranth.

Photographer Laura Berman and I really enjoyed a tour of Kind Organics' lovely growing greens recently. Sandra and Amber appear at the market most often these days, as Tamas has been working hard on another greenhouse. We were grateful to him for taking the time to answer all our questions about sprouting, life in the Holland Marsh, and the many interesting salad ingredients they grow. Be sure to get some delicious sprouts this week!

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman


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