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Weekly Market Notes for August 19, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

A dear friend from Ethiopia once expressed his amazement to me at Canadians' ability to talk daily, and endlessly, about the weather. I have just a bit of that national obsession, but for farmers there are few topics of more importance. We've benefited from excellent conditions overall this season, and the farmers have shared their success in the form of exceptionally large bundles of greens, giant beets, and general abundance, but as you'll read below, all is not perfect.
For eaters in Toronto, this week's shift to cooler nights and less humidity sharpens the senses and the appetite. The market is a fine place to indulge both. Here's the news:

Sosnickis' report: "Lots and lots of Sweet Corn! The cobs are huge, full & sweet! The first huge, sweet Watermelons are coming too! An abundance of Roma tomatoes - but here's the catch- the crop is not doing well. We have blight in all the field tomatoes once again. Yes, it's been hot - but not dry! Heavy dews in the morn, hazy humid cloudy days - for a while now the tomato patch had 'wet feet' until late afternoon. We are grading hard and only bringing number #1 quality to market so we can meet your canning needs. This means we are throwing 50 % and more of the crop away....very discouraging. We'll have bulk Romas for sauce for the next 3 weeks - and the rest will be smaller volume. Order sauce tomatoes now for tomorrow or next week: email with order. Along with the sour comes the sweet: our 'covered field heirlooms' are awesome!! Thriving, happy, excellent quality and I've been cooking and saucing these guys too! Those in abundance, Cherry Tomatoes (get these while you can too!), fresh Basil to go along with all the tomatoes, Sweet Onions, Shallots, 4 kinds of Peppers: sweet yellow, hot banana, jalapenos & green bells (pepper crop is amazing! I can't wait to roast tons of red peppers come September!!), more Kale, tons of Zucchini & Eggplants, Green and Yellow Beans!" Jess & Ben

The Park Cooks will be boiling up some of the Sosnickis' superb corn on the cob as part of their market menu this week. Taste the real thing.

After a busy summer of cooking and gardening, your tools may need some 'freshening up'. Happily, Denzil of Exact Edge Sharpening Service is returning to Dufferin this week for a limited time engagement! Bring your tired scissors, knives, shears, push mowers, etcetera, and he'll make them better than ever while you do your shopping.

It's not too late to get tickets to "TedStock", aka Ted's Farm Festival, this Saturday from 4-? in Millgrove. Full details at the market.

Our warm congratulations to Mel and Alvaro of Plan B on the arrival of a new baby boy, born at home on Thursday August 12th.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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