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Weekly Market Notes for August 13, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

The five-day forecast shows a blazing row of suns....Do you believe it? We've got all kinds of rainbows, too, with the produce coming in now:

Sosnickis' news: "Ben will be bringing the first of our Green Peppers, Purple Haze and Orange Carrots, White Sweet Onions, Green and Yellow Beans, Beets & Swiss Chard. Also a large amount of Cucumbers - not just for pickling, but the best for salads and fresh eating. Lots of Cabbages, fresh Basil plants, always fresh dug Potatoes- three kinds: whites, yukons & reds. Also fresh cut Zucs in green & yellow!" Jessie

The Greenfields report: "The fields have been pretty wet lately as you can imagine, but some exciting news…we’re currently having a our fields tile-drained which will allow us to get in there earlier in the spring and keep the soil a bit drier when wet summers like this one happen. Having said that, our fruiting crops are still strong although a bit slow coming on. But in the next week or two expect EGGPLANT, TOMATILLOS and TOMATOES to be making a star appearance! As well our famously sweet CARROTS and LETTUCE MIX and CILANTRO will be close behind! Today, we’ll have our pretty RED MEDITERRANEAN ONION which is sweet with a bit of heat making it great either raw or sautéed. And we’ll have the first harvest from our new KALE, COLLARD and CHARD plants making them extra tender and a nice addition in salads. Also in the greens lineup are DANDELION, and CURLY and ITALIAN PARSLEY. And lots of our juicy GARLIC, CABBAGE and a great selection of BEETS; including the CHIOGGA, GOLDEN and RED", Lesley

Linda from Country Meadows Gardens writes: "This has been a very trying growing season, far too much torrential rain, soon I will have to teach my chickens, goats and turkeys to swim or else get them all life jackets! My heritage turkeys are doing amazingly well. For those customers who wanted to put their names on my "turkey list", the list will be at the market on Thursday so come by and sign up. Because these turkeys are so rare, at this point I don't know how many I will have available but I will give an update on a regular basis."

From Meg at Forbes Wild Foods: "We will have more fresh chanterelles and lobsters at this week’s market!"

"Looks like the hot weather is here to stay! Yippie! This week the Beretta coolers are going to be full to the top! I am bringing Top Sirloin, Hanger Steaks, Skirt Steaks, Lean Ground and Extra-lean Ground Beef. A whole selection of sausages: Sweet Italian, Sweet Turkey, Octoberfest, Honey Garlic, and Wine and Garlic. Chicken: Legs, Breasts, Wings and Whole Chickens. Bison: Burgers and Ribeye Steaks Plus Ground Turkey, Ground Pork, Pork Butterfly Chops and much more. Looking forward to seeing you at the market!" ~Carly

We expect Dan from Seldom Seen, Seldom Heard with fresh lamb this week. Now's your chance; he'll be absent for the following couple of markets.

Caralyn Quan from the Clean Air Foundation will be visiting to spread the word about the Retire Your Ride program, designed to enable people to get their high-polluting cars off the road and reward them for doing so. The program is committed to improving air quality by responsibly recycling vehicles and aims to retire at least 50,000 vehicles per year until March 31, 2011. 1995 model year and older vehicles that are in running condition and have been registered and properly insured for the last 6 months are eligible for the program and participants can choose one of many rewards. For more information visit

If you're curious about the progress the Akiwenzies are making on their fish plant re-build, have a look at their blog, which also gives the details on a film about them that will be screened next week:

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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