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Weekly Market Notes for August 20, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Last week, Shane Eby of Underground Organics drew my attention to a National Farmers' Union brief released this summer. The report's not rosy: in the last quarter century, from the more than 800 billion dollars worth of products that came from Canadian farms, how much did farmers earn? 0.4%, or about $1.45 an acre a year. That's mind-boggling. If you want to learn about who gets the rest, and some of the NFU's proposals to improve this mess, the full brief (dated June 11) is available for reading on-line:

Our market is just one link, between a group of small-scale Canadian farmers and those who enjoy the results of their hard work, but it's our hope that it gives Torontonians a stronger sense of connection to our country's agriculture, and its future.

Politics aside, "our" farmers are bringing us the most wonderful high-season fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, honey, flowers, fresh herbs, mushrooms and more this week. Not many have had time to write, but the tables will be full!

The Greenfields report: "Our super sweet CARROTS have arrived! We’ll be bringing lots to market so be sure to pick up a bunch. Also new this week is pretty EGGPLANT, excellent grilled or added to a ratatouille. Lots of tender greens to choose from including KALE, CHARD, COLLARDS, DANDELION, CURLY and ITALIAN PARSLEY. CHIOGGA and GOLDEN BEETS (with tops on) and RED BEETS will all be making an appearance. Also we’ll be bringing RED MEDITERRANEAN ONIONS, GARLIC and CABBAGE!" Lesley

Berettas' news: "I hate to say it but with only a few weeks left of good BBQ-ing, you must savour it! My coolers are going to be full with Hanger and Skirt Steaks, Pork Butterfly Chops, Ground Beef (for burgs?), many different assortments of Sausages and much more! Come and sample our Turkey Franks and Nitrate Free Spicy Beef Sausages!" Carly

Deer Valley Farm will bring those long awaited breakfast sausages and burger patties this week as well as a selection of fresh venison steaks, including striploin.

Lots from our wonderful crew of city-based vendors, too, offering baking, prepared and specialty foods, treats, and a delightful assortment of dinner options.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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