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Weekly Market Notes for August 27, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Timing is everything. We're awfully glad that last week's storm arrived just after market hours, but ask around and you'll hear some tales: a few vendors stayed dry, others were instantly deep in puddles, some were hanging onto their tents for dear life, and the trip home was pretty wild.

Evelyne's Crackers will be away this week, as well as Nujima and Seldom Seen (Dan's lamb) will be away for the next two weeks.

I stopped by the park earlier this afternoon and it looks like tomorrow there will be a delicious pasta salad made with pesto (basil courtesy of the Sosnicki's) and lots of veggies from the park gardens!

Speaking of the park gardens, volunteers are always welcome just email and you will be promptly put to work.

If you would prefer to do a little cobbing, Georgie Donais will be working on the Cob Kitchen renovations tomorrow afternoon, stop by on your way to the market, it is always lots of fun.

Here is the word from some of our farmers this week:

From one of our sorely missed friends at Greenfields:

This cool wet weather is a wonderful test of our patience! I can't believe it is almost September already, our fall bounty is just around the corner. Beets with fresh tops are not far away but we will have bulk Chiogga Beets that are sure to satisfy. Carrots are fresh and sweet, Round and Torpedo Cabbages, Eggplants are slowly coming in. Early Leeks look great and Red Mediterranean Onions are a treat. Lots of lovely healthy greens to be enjoyed; Red & Rainbow Chard, Collards, Dandelion, Green/Black/Tuscan Kale, Italian/Curly Parsley, Cilantro and a limited amount of Batavain Lettuce as well as Lettuce Mix ( come early ). Look out for the first harvest of our Purple and Romanesco Cauliflowers, beautiful. Mark

The always busy Sosnicki's have me dreaming of onion tarts:

Lots of crop maintenance happening around here by way of hand weeding! Fall crops such as squash and pumpkins looking great! Ben will be bringing 4 kinds of zucchini: key largo, yellow patty pan, regular green & yellow. Fresh dug potatoes, fresh cut cabbages, large beets with fresh tops, gorgeous purple carrots, bunches of swiss chard, lots of sweet Spanish onions & peppers! Our onion crop is great this year! We are busily harvesting and racking the onions (both sweet and cooking) for winter storage! Jessie & Ben.

Carly sends us this news from Beretta's for the last time before she is off to school:

The coolers will be stuffed this week with the many requests from you. I will be bringing many varieties of sausage, steak(beef) and chicken. A few special things this week are Turkey Burgers, Bison Burgers and Bison Ribeyes. Also great deals on Skirt and Hangers steaks. See you at the market! Carly

See you at the market!

Jenny and Anne

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