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Weekly Market Notes for September 3, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

September can be a whirl of activity, but it's one of the sweetest months to savour, too. Welcome back to those of you returning from summer holidays. Don't worry, be happy: you can stay in town and still enjoy all the great tastes of Ontario harvests.

Sosnickis' news: Weeding is paying off and our fall harvest will be very bountiful in a few weeks time! For this week Ben will be bringing beets from our new patch with huge gorgeous tops, fresh cut cabbages, fresh dug potatoes, red, white & yellow onions, red & gold swiss chard, patty pan and key largo zucchinis, peppers, parsley & lots of fresh green beans!

The Greenfields report: Lots of fresh and healthy veggies coming out of our fields. A great selection of greens including Red & Rainbow Chard, Green & Tuscan Kale, Dandelion, Parsley, Cilantro, Green Cabbage, Lettuce Mix (limited) and the Collards are at their best! Beautiful Red Onion bunches, Carrots, Chiogga Beets, our Garlic is going fast. Stunning Purple and Romanesco Cauliflowers are impressive in any meal or just on your table. First harvest of our Red Radish, Rutabagas and Fennel. Fragrant Basil is sure to please. Hopefully I can fit in some fruit this week! Mark

News from Laura Sabourin at Feast of Fields: Great selection for the market this week! White lady peaches, yellow freestone peaches, Sugar pears and French Bartletts, blue seedless table grapes, lovely big fall red raspberries, blackberries and Early Italian blue plums. Maybe even a few of our super sweet melons and figs. Wild Blueberries are a maybe, still waiting to see what's survived the recent FROST :-(

Many of you have been wondering about the Akiwenzies, and the news is promising. They're largely moved into their renovated facilities, and should be able to fish again very soon. We'll keep you posted!

Forbes Wild Foods will be at the market as usual, with Seth looking after things, but Jonathan Forbes is off on a remarkable adventure. He is somewhere near mile 381, up the east side of James Bay, where he's working on the Matsutake mushroom harvest, training Cree partners from the area in all aspects. The project will take six weeks, and we hope to hear lots about his adventures when he returns.

Don't you love food with a great story behind it?

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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