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Weekly Market Notes for September 10, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Some crops we don't see so much of have thrived this year: huge, crisp Napa cabbages, fennel (bulbs for salads and fronds for soup stock), and pineapple-scented ground cherries are a few examples from the market's generous selection. It's a fun time to explore new flavours, and a great time to feed kids and adults alike tasty lunches and snacks that couldn't be healthier. Here's the news from the vendors:

Sosnickis' report: For this market Ben will have our fresh dug potatoes, fresh green beans, fresh beets with gorgeous tops, cabbages, zucchinis, onions and chard! Our fall harvest so far seems not very plentiful, but not to worry. Without tomatoes and corn we have been able to really take care of other crops (and tomatoes AND corn will be attempted next year, Ben is not giving up on corn!). In two weeks time we will be offering sweet carrots, broccoli, celery, leeks, spinach, squash, pie pumpkins and later on our greenhouse head lettuce, tatsoi, field brussel sprouts (new crop for us this year!) and celeriac. All potatoes and cooking onions along with beets, carrots and cabbages (red ones too!)are plentiful for storage. I'm sure I am forgetting some things and will blog with pictures in the next few weeks to show the field's harvest! Jessie

Greenfields' news: Lots of fantastic produce to be had for all your back to school needs. The first harvest of our Arugula, baby Bok Choy and Red Mustard will be here. A great selection of greens including Red Chard, Green & Tuscan Kale, Collards, Napa Cabbage, Dandelion, Parsley, Cilantro, Basil and fresh cut Lettuce Mix (I will remember to bring it this week!). Our Carrots are a sweet addition to school lunches. Fennel tastes great raw or cooked. Leeks, Red Onion, Chiogga Beets and Rutabaga always helped me with my homework!? Some nice Citrus, Bananas and local Melons to round everything off. Mark

Check out Alli Harris's fish fritters this week.

Hip Hip Hooray for the return of sweet Georgian Bay apples, from Ralph Robitaille of Pineapple Orchards. He'll be bringing Summer Reds and Jersey Macs, with more varieties to follow as the season progresses.

Tim Clement (Clement's Crepes) and Evelyn Gharibian (Hearty Catering) will be away, getting ready for Toronto's Vegetarian Food Fair at Harbourfront on the weekend.

Dan of Seldom Seen will be back with fresh lamb.

We still have a good supply of our handy $2 market bags to carry your groceries home and use all over town. Your purchase helps to support the market! Bags are available from me, from the Park Bakers, and at Greenfields' table.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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