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Weekly Market Notes for September 17, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

We have lots in the way of news and announcements this time, so I'll get right to it:

We're pleased to welcome a pair of new vendors to Dufferin this week. Jacinthe Koddo and Blythe Weber have teamed up to bring us Artisan Pies and Preserves, using fruits and vegetables from Eastcliff Farm, Blythe's family's mixed farming operation in Grey County. The whole farm, including the dairy, is currently in second year transition to organic certification; produce on the farm has been grown chemical-free for thirty years. Other ingredients in the baking and preserves are sourced as locally and organically as possible. Jacinthe's pastry is made with butter, and it's delicious. This week they'll have apple (and possibly pear) pies and an array of preserves, and they'd love to meet you!

Helga will be back with tomatoes, eggplant, fingerling potatoes, spinach, melons, french green beans, peppers and zucchini from Bob Felhazi (Pine River Organic Farm).

You may recall a mention in the news of Jonathan Forbes' current project with Cree harvesters in Quebec. This week, at the Forbes Wild Foods table, look for fresh Matsutake (Pine) mushrooms sent to us from this harvest!

Nujima Living Foods will be making banana coconut cream pie and almond pate collard wraps (both raw foods). James will also have fresh wheatgrass from his cousin at Amaranth Greens in Orangeville.

Ralph Robitaille of Pineapple Orchards called to say the apples just aren't ripening fast enough to bring this time. The summer varieties we got a taste of last week are finished, and the next round need a few more days, so he'll return in a week.

News from Jessie Sosnicki: Ben will have our fresh new Carrots, Celery & Celeriac available tomorrow along with some of our ugly but sweet Empire Apples from the trees lining the long farm driveway. I am currently juicing these apples with our beets and carrots. Also fresh Beets with tops, bulk Beets, Golden Beets, Zucchinis, Gold Chard, Red Onions, Sweet Spanish yellow Onions. All three kinds fresh dug Potatoes and I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff - yes, BEANS, more fresh green beans, and Ben just informed me we may have some Broccoli too! We will inspect the field and cut fresh Thurs. morn when we find suitable size! Log onto our blog for some neat photos of our farm my dad took from above while flying with a local pilot! Also many other blogs about our fall harvest, fields & greenhouses!

Greenfields' report: "My, my, the harvest is bountiful this week! Lots of wonderfully healthy and tasty greens including Arugula, Bok Choy, Red Chard, Collards, Dandelion, Green & Tuscan Kale, Red Mustard, Parsley, lots o' Lettuce Mix and the first harvest of our Radicchio which is great raw, baked or grilled! A full selection of Cabbages to be enjoyed: Red, Green, Savoy and Nappa. Our funky Romanesco Cauliflower will be making its final appearance at market. Fennel, Leeks, Red Onion, Rutabaga and Red Radish are a must for any discerning shopper. Our lovely Golden and Chiogga beets are back with nice fresh tops. Come check out our blue ribbon Kohlrabi, she's a real winner!" Mark "P.S. I am remaining optimistic and will say Go Leafs Go!!"

Here's an ad we're posting for Beretta Farms:

Beretta Farms, Ontario’s leading organic and natural meat company, is looking for a part time demo and market representative. We are looking for someone outgoing, personable, comfortable with money, and must have a drivers licence and your own car. We pay $14.00/hour and pay $0.40 per kilometer travelled. The job is two parts; The demonstration job for 4 hours periods Friday afternoons, Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon depending on the week. You will sample the Beretta products for customers at grocery stores. You should be comfortable cooking burgers and hotdogs. The Dufferin Grove Market is the second part of the job. You will work Thursdays from about 10am – 8pm. You start at the Beretta shop in Etobicoke to organize your orders for the day. There is training! Send your resume to if you are interested. is the website.

From the neighbourhood:


"This fall, I will be conducting a small-scale qualitative study of a collection of people who regularly purchase local and organic food. I am looking for regular patrons of the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market who would be interested in participating in this study. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity to share your reflections and opinions about your role as a local/organic food consumer, please contact Kalli Anderson at or at 416-831-7868." (Additional details will also be posted on the market news board.)

Two events of interest coming up:

The Good Food For All Festival is back for another year celebrating the abundance of the harvest and the community of Davenport West! Organized by the Stop Community Food Centre, the third annual Good Food For All Festival is becoming a much anticipated annual event for the community and supporters throughout the city. This year the feature event will be a community kitchen cook-off , pitting teams from a variety of Stop and Davenport Perth programs against one another in a battle for finger-food supremacy. You will get a chance to be the judge and vote on the re­sults—as well as learning the deepest secrets of Davenport West’s com­munity cooking groups and The Stop’s celebrated chefs. As always, there will be an interactive kidzone, complete with games, prizes, face painting and a bouncy castle! The feature event this year will be a Hosted by Matt Galloway of the CBC, and featuring live music by singer/songwriter Matt York and Michel DeQuevedo. The Good Food For All Festival. Join us! Located at 1884 Davenport W (in the park behind the DPNC), on Saturday, September 19th from 12-3. Rain or shine.

"From the Ground Up: Fresh Thoughts on Food Security", a lecture September 23, 5:30-7 pm, to benefit The Gardiner Museum's children's programs. Head to the Food News page for more information about ordering tickets.

Just a few days until the equinox, but we're enjoying the lovely still-summer green of the park.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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