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Weekly Market Notes for September 24, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Hate to start with bad news this week, but I might as well get it over with (and then move on to the good stuff). It seems we have a pickpocket (or rather pick-purse) who has decided that the market is the place to be. We've had reports over the past number of weeks of both successful and suspected attempts to take money from purses, either in line or sitting beside people on the grass. The thief is thought to be female. It's a shame, but I want to warn everyone to be on the lookout. Please alert staff if you notice anything troubling.

Summer is ripening into fall and new flavours are coming in:

Sosnickis' news: "Ben will have new this week our fresh fall Broccoli along with our Butternut Squash, sweet Celery and Celeriac! Our fall Carrot harvest is in full swing, so expect 'sweet orange' and 'purple haze' varieties. Our Green Bean patch is pouring out an abundance of Beans; red, white and Yukon Potatoes (still coming out of the soil fresh- have not mass harvested our potatoes yet); beautiful Beets either in bulk (for juicing esp.) or with fresh tops too! Red, white & yellow Onions, Zucchinis; Peppers, fresh cut Cabbages & Apples from the trees lining our farm driveway! Want to see an aerial view of our farm? Log onto our blog at to see our vast potato patch, long strawberry patch, storage veg patches like our cabbage and really beautiful organic soybeans too! Also back blogs about our fall produce, greenhouse tomatoes and juicing!" Jessie.

A good story from Tim Clement (Clement's Crepes) "...seem's my partner Mike is gaining celebrity status! He and his wife were at a restaurant for dinner on the weekend, and a woman came up to their table to say "Oh, you're one half of the burrito guys are make the best burrito in the city, bar none." (Mike was pleased, as this impressed his wife, who wouldn't have believed it otherwise.)"

Forbes Wild Foods will have fresh Matsutake (Pine) mushrooms, a Canadian delicacy. More from Meg: "We are also eagerly awaiting fresh chestnuts, which we hope to have before the Thanksgiving Holiday. And, for a real treat, it is almost time for Paw Paws – our pickers are closely watching the fruit, and if the weather works for us then we sincerely hope to have some by mid-October. I promise we’ll keep you up to date!"

Is it only in Toronto that the weekends in fall are so full of events it's hard to choose? Here are a couple (and I won't even mention Word on the Street):

Don't forget The Human Train this Saturday, September 26th to insist on better plans for the rail link (not appalling pollution from huge numbers of diesel trains). There's more information on the march in the newsletter section.

From our neighbours down the way:

Parkdale Food, Earth and Culture Festival Sunday, Sept. 27, 12 noon – 4 pm Masaryk Park, 220 Cowan Ave

Performers: Baro Dununba (African drumming group), Don Kerr and Kevin Lacroix (Children’s dance music at 2pm), the Voyce, Tibetan Youth Group, Wu Denking (Chinese musician), JRock the Rapping Chef, and others.

Children’s activities, games, arts + crafts, Shiatsu massage tent, apple cider press, corn roasts, eco workshops and more! Our culturally diverse and local food will be prepared by Tibet Kitchen, Roti Lady, Ali Baba and Greenest City staff and volunteers. We will have a small farmer’s market for you to meet farmers and buy their locally grown produce.

It’s a packed and fun-for-all event that celebrates Parkdale, healthy food and the environment. So join us and spread the word to your family, friends and neighbours!

All of the activities above are free of charge. We are only asking for a minimum donation of $2 for a plate of our food to offset some of our costs.

An extra 20 loaves of Dufferin Park rosemary bread are coming out of the ovens this week, headed to the festival! Don't worry though, the market table will be well-stocked. A fond farewell to one of our bakers, Yo Utano, who will be returning to Japan soon. Among her plans are continuing to learn from her parents, who grow virtually everything the family eats. Thank you, Yo, you will be missed!!

See you at the market!


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