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Weekly Market Notes for October 1, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Nobody is ready to say goodbye to the summer that hardly got started, but we can't stop the clock. Due to the shortening days, this will be our last market on the summer path. Next week, you'll find the full market set up on the rinkpad on the east side of the building. It's fun "up top" too, and we love those rink lights when sunset comes. We'll be there until mid-November. Please spread the word among your friends who may not read the news. Sadly, we also ask you to warn them to carefully guard their wallets and purses, as the pickpocket has not been caught yet. The police urge anyone who thinks they've had money stolen to report it.

Here's a description that will make you want to start your shopping list:

Long-time market friend Ann Bjorseth wrote to tell us about the recipe in the latest "Edible Toronto" for Akiwenzie Smoked Fish Pie, by chef Joshna Maharaj:

"I tried the recipe and it is amazing, a perfect Fall dinner. It makes much more than six servings, and I think next time I might add some cooked green beans. Overall, a true Dufferin Grove farmers' market recipe, with potatoes from Ben and Jessie, Parsley from Ted Thorpe, and eggs from Country Meadows Gardens."

(Gail Gordon Oliver, the editor of Edible Toronto, will be making a special delivery of more fall issues for us to give away at the market.)

News from the Sosnickis: "Our big, beautiful, fresh-cut, firm heads of Broccoli will be plentiful at Dufferin this week! Also coming our big bunches of peppery Arugula, young & tender Tatsoi, field Spinach too! Butternut Squash, Pie Pumpkins, sweet Celery, large Celeriac, Purple Carrots, Orange Carrots, Beets, Green Peppers (sorry, pretty small), Green Beans (crop is slowing now with cooler temps); Red Onions, Yellow Onions, Parsley, Cabbages & Potatoes all coming from our farm! If you are a fan of our stuff and are on Facebook, you can support us by joining our public fan page at SOSNICKI ORGANIC PRODUCE! From posting lots of farm pics and stories we can continue to spread the word about how we get all this good food to your mouths. Cheers to the fall harvest! Our leek harvest begins next week!! Jessie

Turkeys are available by advance order from Berettas, for pick up on the 8th of October 2009. They range from 15-18 lbs and are $4.49/per pound. Contact Daphne to put your name and contact number on the list. Email <> or call 416-674-5609.

Dan of Seldom Seen will not be coming with lamb this week, but he'll be back next time.

From Jacinthe Koddo: "With Thanksgiving coming up, pies are available for pre-order from "Artisan Pies and Preserves", made with organic produce sourced from Eastcliff Farms and others in Grey County, Ontario. Stop by this Thursday to place your order for pick-up October 8th. There are four delectable choices: Pear-Cranberry, Apple, Pumpkin, and Pecan. They're all made with buttery pastry crusts that are melt-in-your-mouth good. You're sure to be the best dinner guest ever when you arrive with one of these! An individual pie of your choice is $20. Can't decide on just one? Get two for $38."

More fresh Matsutake (Pine) mushrooms are coming from Forbes Wild Foods.

Delicious dinners, fall apples, great greens from Ted, and a rainbow of other choices will be waiting for you.

See you on the path one more time!

Anne Freeman

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