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Weekly Market Notes for August 18, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

Checking the updates from our growers, I'm thinking LUCKY US this week:

Debbie Wiecha from Niagara Lavender writes: "We have a lovely load of elderberries and peaches for Thursday....Tree- ripened are terrific tasting."

Sosnickis' contribution: "Fresh Sweet Corn for everyone this week!! Lots of other farm goodies including roma tomatoes, beets, a few carrots, onions etc, etc. I've got a couple links to share. The first one is very exciting and is by a couple who came to visit us last Monday. His pictures of our farm make me very proud! Check it out at
Also, I've done a blog all about our Sweet Corn. This variety that we will have this week is not the really nice sweet one - that variety begins next week! It is still very good all yellow corn! Also I want to draw attention to the new emergence of GMO Sweet Corn around Ontario. I've linked a very, very informative article from CBAN (Canadian Biotechnology Action Network) regarding GMO Sweet Corn at the bottom of our sweet corn blog entry. Please take the time to read all at: Enjoy the corn! Tis the season! Jessie & Ben

Come out and try Kind Arugula, it is strong, we have lots and are sampling it for Arugula Lovers especially. Our new Juicing blend has been well received so we'll try it again this week. Let us know what you think, large and larger bags are available. These juicing greens are also suitable for sauteing. We will also have Purselane and Lambs Quarters from our Wild Edibles collection." Sandra Dombi

August Specials from Beretta Farms:

  • Natural Turkey Franks
  • Spicy Italian Sausages

The next Beretta Family Farm Day is Sunday, August 28! RSVP to

The Organic Supper Club menu from Eddie and Jessica:

  • Vegetable coconut Curry
  • 5 layered Fiesta Dip
  • Walnut and red pepper Kale Chips
  • Goji chia seed Granola
  • Quinoa Salad with herbs
  • Summer Vegetable Ragout

Growing Spaces and Akiwenzies Fish will be absent. Tim Clement will be back spinning crepes (if I've got my terminology right).

Stop by Feast of Fields' table and say hi to Elva, a grower who has been getting her start with some mentoring from Laura this year and is coming to see what it's like at Dufferin.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Ongoing park updates can be found here on

Please sign our petition opposing potential fee increases that would have a devastating effect on Toronto's farmers' markets, and pass it along via facebook, twitter, talking to your friends, etc. Here's the link: (Note: just so you know, after signing, you get directed to a donations page run by the (free) petition host site to support their work. There's no obligation to donate, and it's not a request related to the markets.) We'll have paper copies of the petition at the market as well if you prefer.

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