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Weekly Market Notes for August 28, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

This week I spent some time tending to the (generally neglected) garden I plant at my folks' home in the country. Harvest time is sweet, but along with the successes there are a good measure of failures, and I always come back with questions for the farmers. What to do about squash bugs? Favourite green manures? Is it too late for my late-planted pak choi to make it? There's nothing like growing your own to make you appreciate how much knowledge goes into producing top-notch organic produce. Luckily the farmers are very patient, as I'm already thinking of more questions to add to the list....

Here's the news:

From Plan B: Well have a good amount of beans, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, some salad, lots of apples and pears, and Ill try to make it to the carrot patch for a whack of heirloom carrots! A fair amount of zucchini as well. See you then, Alvaro

Lots of great things available at Greenfields this week. Due to the nicer weather we now have Green Peppers, Eggplant and Tomatoes. Also joining the line up are yummy Purple Tomatillos, which are excellent in salsa. Lovely Collards are back and are great used as a gluten-free wrap alternative. Green Kale as well as Purple Kale, Red & Golden Chard, Parsley, Green Cabbage and Sierra Lettuce round out our greens. A great selection of Onions; Red onions, Sweet White onions, Red Mediterranean onions and Purple Scallions Queens of the Kitchen!! Our sweet Carrots are a must and the first of our Fennel is here. Enjoy! Mark & Lesley

Colette Murphy and her son Pablo will be back, switching gears from the beautiful plants of Urban Harvest to the great body care of Earthly Paradise. As the humidity leaves the August air, it's time to stock up on nourishing moisturizers.

Julia Carney, an intern at FoodShare, has (kindly) asked to bring some kids' activities to the market this week, fun for the last week before school-time.

Last time I neglected to mention yet another nice Toronto Star profile of one of the Dufferin Farmers Market Vendors, Underground Organics.
There's an awful lot being written about markets lately, some positive, some more critical. Several recent articles are posted on the website's food news page if you'd like to catch up.

See you at the market!


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