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Weekly Market Notes for September 04, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

La rentrée....It sounds more intriguing than "back-to-school", don't you think? If back to school or back to work means packed lunches for you and yours, come find some good, handy (and real!) food to take along. Along with hearty staples like market bread, sheep's milk yogurt and natural cold cuts, try making meals with all the colours of the rainbow; it's a fun way to get kids involved in healthy eating. Pick your favourite hues below:

From Jessie Sosnicki: "Coming in abundance finally is our sweet corn, more heirloom tomatoes to try, fresh yellow and green beans; purple, rainbow and orange carrots; sweet, sweet Watermelons, all red with seeds; sweet Spanish, red and cooking onions; red bell peppers, green bells, some hots and purple beauties as well; lots of huge leeks now for $1; also fresh little bunches of rosemary, oregano and thyme, more basil plants, and of course fresh dug spuds! We'll also take orders for the 11th for bulk romas (SauceTime! $25 for 25lbs, which is a half bushel if you're wondering)."

From Greenfields: "Thanks to the sunshine, we have plenty of delicious Tomatoes this week including Field, Sunkist and Cherry. We have tons of greens including Curly and Purple Kale, Collards and Swiss Chard. All of these greens are Cruciferous vegetables and are excellent sources of vitamins A and C, calcium and iron. They can be eaten raw in a salad or sautéed or steamed for a nutritious delight. Zucchini is in abundance and is amazing grilled on the BBQ. Our Magda Zucchini, a European heirloom variety, has less seeds and a thinner skin than the classic green. Also available are Juicing Carrots in 3L baskets. The same great taste and nutrition as the bunched carrots, just a little less pretty. Fresh carrot juice, what better way to start your morning? See you soon," Mark and Lesley

From Earthly Paradise & Urban Harvest: Colette and Pablo will be at the market this week with body care including some of our locally produced hydrosols. Also lots of seeds. Its not too late to plant greens for a late fall harvest. Are we having an Indian Summer?

From Laura Sabourin of Feast of Fields: Our fantastic blue seedless grapes are at their peak this market! Also a great supply of wild blueberries, our own French Bartlett pears, an interesting assortment of apples from some of our old mystery trees plus Red Delicious, Mac and Ida Red. I am really happy with how well our newly planted fall-bearing red raspberries are producing and we will also have some nice tart juicy blackberries. A small amount of late season peaches and Early Italian Plums will round out the selection in our tent this week. And...maybe some Figs.

Tim Clement will be busy getting ready for the upcoming Vegetarian Fair and unable to attend with his crepes and burritos.

This week and again on the 18th, Inorganic Market will be at the Organic Market. No, that's not a typo! Inorganic Market is "a citizen-based approach to raise awareness of electronic waste". Along with lots to discuss, Sean Coutts will bring a collection container which will accept GREEN ZONE items (these are low toxic items like cables, cell phones, laptops). Bring along items you'd like to recycle, and learn more. You can also visit

If you'd like a nice bike ride, over at Withrow Market this Saturday morning at 11, Wayne Roberts will be signing the No-Nonsense Guide to World Food, his new book on food systems, as part of Withrow's Urban Heirloom Harvest Fest. For more info., visit

While you're browsing, do spend some time on our own website, as there are so many items of interest posted that I'd make the news a mile long mentioning them all: upcoming speakers and events in the park and around town, recent food and community's good stuff!

See you at the market!


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