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Weekly Market Notes for September 11, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

How much delicious end of summer harvest can fit into jars, freezer bags, and failing that, our bulging cheeks? That's the question in my kitchen at the moment.

Maybe because many people are loading up on quantities of great produce right now, we've had more customers driving to market, and more frequent visits from parking ticket officers, too. When people stop "just for a minute" in ways that interfere with access to the apartment building on Dufferin Park Ave.(this is a safety concern), it often results in a complaint call, which ticket officers respond to by coming to ticket any cars that are even "slightly illegally" parked. Sometimes the person who parked in the middle of the road or blocked the bike ramp is gone by then, but other market patrons or vendors get ticketed instead. We try to keep things working smoothly, but please help by passing along the message that market-goers should try not to rely on Dufferin Park Ave. parking spots, even if it means a short stroll to and from the market.

From Laura of Feast of Fields: "Apples are being picked now, Red Delicious, Empire and Mutsu (big green and crisp). Nice small French Bartlett pears, too. We will also have a few figs, raspberries, blackberries and the last variety of peaches, Cresthavens. More Wild Blueberries as well.

Jessie and Ben Sosnicki send word that tomatoes are on a downward spiral BUT that watermelons and corn are sweet and bursting with flavour.

Ted Thorpe will be likely to have cases of field and roma tomatoes available, but don't delay (see above).

Maria of Oh Soy returns with healthy treats (including those chocolate bars, mmm....)

Be sure to have a look inside Deer Valley Farmís new cooler for seasonal specials.

There are some new pictures of the fun at last week's market on the market news page. Hope you can join us for more fun this time.

See you at the market!


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