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Weekly Market Notes for August 29, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

How did we come to the end of August so fast? We'd like to invite everybody to enjoy the last Thursday before school starts by sticking around for dinner at the market. Look at our list of choices!

  • the Fish Shak crew will have fritters, rotis, and fresh drinks;
  • Earth & City will be buzzing up smoothies to go with their raw snacks and wraps;
  • the cauldrons will be bubbling for hot dumplings and gnocchi at My Little Dumplings;
  • Brixton Grill will have their all-vegan barbeque going full tilt;
  • plenty of tortillas will be cooking up hot and fresh at ChocoSol;
  • the Park Cooks will have salads, pizza and snacks on offer;
  • Beretta Farms will be doing a special burger BBQ this week only;
  • deFloured will bake some single serving sized savouries (try that 10x fast!)as well as sweets, all gluten-free, of course;

and...we'll have a new team!

  • Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee will be offering finger foods like spinach pakora, veggie samosas, and veggie spring rolls, up by the park tent.

Here's some ''history" about our newest vendors from Jutta Mason:

About six years ago, a few of the staff and volunteers at Dufferin Grove Park got an invitation to visit the "Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee" and share some of our experiences in livening up a park. Their park was already lively, but they were having some trouble negotiating with the bureaucracy. They needed a playground, to replace one that had been torn out a few years back. But even more than that, they wanted to run a Friday Night bazaar with food. This was a first, and their efforts to explain to the city managers what they had in mind were not getting anywhere. Then came the 2009 municipal strike -- and we encouraged the women of Thorncliffe to take that chance to do show-and-tell. For all four Fridays during the strike, their park had a beautiful, colourful bazaar, with lots of food as well-- you might have thought you were in Constantinople. City management was won over and the bazaar continues to this day.

We've been visiting back and forth year after year, sometimes cooking together over a campfires or in a tandoor. Two years ago, our Thorncliffe friends expanded their food offerings to the Brickworks Farmers' Market, and now they're joining the Dufferin Grove Market too. A new chapter in the friendship!

The Akiwenzies have been shore-bound with the boat needing substantial repairs and I'm not sure whether they will be back to market this week or not. I know everybody misses their wonderful fish! Kelli Korducki has written a fine article about their approach to fishing:

Best Baa will be absent this week and next.

There will be a huge selection of produce and fruit this time, all the greatest hits of summer.

To the high school and university students who have been working for vendors or the park over the summer and are returning to their studies next week: thanks, farewell, and have a great school year!

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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