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Weekly Market Notes for September 5, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

I like the French expression 'la rentree' to describe this week much better than 'back-to-school'. It sounds much more inspired, which is how I hope you're feeling as we turn the corner into fall. At this time of year, the farm trucks are loaded down with great harvests, and although there were lots of ups and downs of weather early in the season, the crops are looking wonderful. Be sure to allow some time to freeze, can, dehydrate or at least stuff your cheeks like a chipmunk with all this good food, so you will have September flavours to look forward to later. I'm always so happy when a hectic weeknight supper turns into something easy and delicious because a batch of one of our favourites (oven-dried romas, pesto, ratatouille, pasta sauce, roasted peppers...) made it into the freezer in September.

To make weekday routines easier, we've also got excellent brown-bag-lunch options, such as Ming's ready to eat tofu varieties, Evelyn's Crackers granola bars, pepperettes and cold cuts from Beretta, dips from Earth & City, goodies from deFloured, and countless fruit and veggie choices. Here's a bit of news from the vendors:

Sosnickis' contribution: "What a beautiful harvest day! Going for a crop tour with Ben and Sadie and took some nice shots! New this week will be our Celery! Yes, we grew celery again this year and also our carrots (which will arrive later this fall). It's Roma Tomato time right now! Order your tomatoes and I'll bring them for you next week. All info on blog:

So along with the Celery, we will have a new patch of Broccoli, Peppers (reds starting next week), Spuds, in between cauliflower crops - more coming! Sweet, Sweet Corn, new patch of fresh Green Beans, Red Cabbages, Green Cabbages, BEETS are back! Huge Sweet Spanish Onions, more Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, Hot Peppers & Garlic!" Jessie

The Akiwenzies are still working on boat repairs, so can't attend this time, and Best Baa will also be absent. Debbie from Niagara Lavender Farm sends her warm thanks to Dufferin customers, but sadly, has no more peaches, so we'll see her next year.

The good news, though, is we have a terrific list of choices coming in from Feast of Fields. It's fruit heaven, but don't delay:

  • Wild blue berries
  • Freestone Peaches, yellow and white
  • Italian (blue) plums
  • Red raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Apples: Gala , Jersey Mac, Pristine, and maybe Freedom
  • Pears: French and Red Bartlett
  • Asian Pears
  • and maybe even figs.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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