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Weekly Market Notes for August 30, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

To make the last beautiful Thursday in August even more special, and to celebrate our tenth successful summer, we are having a CORN ROAST this week! Believe it or not, yes, our market will soon be a decade old--and still so fresh! We'll be loading batches of Ben and Jessie Sosnicki's delicious corn on the cob into the park's wood-fired ovens to start roasting around 3:30, and we'll keep at it til it's all gobbled up. $2 a cob including the fixings, with proceeds going towards the cost of repairing the Hobart (bread-making) mixer, now back in action. While the butter is dribbling down your chin, enjoy some spicy music and bellydancing compliments of Roula Said and friends, too!

Sosnickis' contribution: "Along with lots of Sweet Corn for all to enjoy we have Red Peppers! Peppers will get very plentiful and colourful in weeks to come. Huge Green Bells and Purple Beauties! Jalapeņos in abundance as well. Oodles of Romas - we are still taking orders! It's not too late: Watermelons, Onions, Spuds, Kale, Heirloom Tomatoes and Basil, Sun Sugar Cherry Tomatoes, lots of all sizes of Cucumbers, and massive Eggplants!! Also, we are rolling in Green Beans! We are on a new patch and they are fresh and awesome! We have amazing cooking onions this year. We've patiently let them grow huge. We pulled all of them yesterday and they are curing nicely in long rows out in the field. They're huge and hot and they will be plentiful all winter!" Jess & Ben

Debbie Wiecha from Niagara Lavender Farm called to say she has enough blackberries to pick that she will be making one more visit to Dufferin after all! Blackberries are effortless to freeze (no prep required, just throw them in a container), so think about those long months ahead when you might want a reminder of August.

Knuckle Down Farm news: "The greens are back this week along with some plump Hakurei turnips, tomatoes and colourful beans too." Jenny Cook

Ted Thorpe has harvested lots of bulk carrots, baby bok choy, potatoes and some pears from his farm's trees.

Sandra Peters lives right beside the park and has a small business making organic, preservative and gluten-free dog biscuits. Hearts and Bones will be visiting the market for the next few weeks to introduce these healthy treats for dogs to market-goers. There are four flavours: Peanut Butter and Flax, Pumpkin, Liver, and Cheddar, and Liver Snaps (made from dehydrated organic beef liver with no additives) as well. Rover will be happy to help carry your groceries home....

Growing Spaces, and Mesey's Ethiopian Vegetarian will be absent.

We'll have information from the Clean Trains Coalition and the Toronto Vegetarian Association.

Labour Day may be looming, but summer is still going strong --and we've got many wonderful harvests ahead.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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