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Weekly Market Notes for September 6, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

This week, the bread-baking-back-story:

We try to keep the fees our vendors pay to cover the costs of running the market affordable at Dufferin, but also to 'put a little by' so that we can cope with the unexpected. As you may recall, one of those (unpleasant) surprises came in the form of a serious breakdown of the big bread mixer earlier this summer. Because the park bakers contribute so much to the market, it was great that we had enough reserve funds to cover the repair. Last week's corn roast added a bit to that pot, but really it's the farmers and vendors we need to thank. It's their weekly fee contributions that added up to enough in the piggy bank to get the big Hobart back in good working order. You'll be able to get your favourite loaves more reliably now that bread quantities are back to normal (no more bare bread baskets halfway through the market) and this week the bakers are making an extra batch to give thank-you loaves to our dearly loved farmers and vendors. Here's their news:

Sosnickis' contribution: "Peppers galore! Lots of beautiful reds, purples, greens too! We have bells and those awesome thick-walled sweet pimentos! Sweet Corn, Romas still in full force - come buy for sauce! Sun Sugars, Heirloom toms too! Huge Cooking Onions! We've harvested up all of them in the fields and have a great stock of onions for the winter. More huge Eggplants, Kale, the freshest Green Beans, Watermelon, Cucs too. And fresh dug Spuds! I can't even express the work taking place on the farm each day. Not only are we reaping this harvest BUT other crops we rely on for income can't be forgotten about. We've been working very hard weeding our cabbage field along with the fall leeks and Brussel sprouts, beets and late kale and spinach patches. Going through the rows again and again cleaning to ensure good growth. Weeding the strawberries!! A lot of maintenance must be done to ensure a good crop next spring. We are proud to sell only what we grow, and thank all of you for your support!!" Jess & Ben

Krista says, "I'm going to have a bundle of fruit turnovers Thursday, There will be spicy peach, blackberry pear, raspberry and blueberry chevre. They are $ 3.50 a piece, tell all the folks." Krista and Chris - deFloured

Unfortunately, Mesey's Ethiopian Vegetarian will be away again this week, but happily, Growing Spaces (Blythe) will be back!

Sandra Peters will bring her Hearts & Bones dog biscuits again for pooch owners to try out.

We'll have melons aplenty, ice cream, spicy and mild salad greens, tender fruits, flowers and many more delights of late summer waiting for you.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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