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Weekly Market Notes for September 13, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

Lots of information to share this week, starting with IT'S GOING TO BE A GORGEOUS ONE, a sneak-out-of-work-early kind of afternoon.

Laura from Feast of Fields writes: "This may be our last week....Hopefully we will have apples, pears, blue plums, blue grapes, wild blueberries and perhaps some figs, and maybe even a few peaches. It has been short and sweet. There is a chance if the grapes hold that we will come one more week with just grapes and wilds.

We will have 5 lambs available mid-October. They are organic/grass/grain fed. Cost will be approx. $200 each, cut and wrapped. Pickup is at the farm. Matthew can accept deposits on Thursday."

Sosnickis' contribution: "Peppers, peppers, peppers!! Sweet reds, yellows, oranges, purples, greens and all sorts of hots! Still Romas coming, lots of Sweet Corn, Cherry Toms and Heirlooms, Watermelon, Spuds, Onions, NEW Kale patch! Dark green, beautiful, fresh Kale bunches!! Those massive Eggplants are in major abundance, our crisp, dense heads of Winter Cabbages and our garlic also coming!

A look forward at new crops coming this fall: sweet Spinach, savoy Cabbage, Leeks, Brussel Sprouts, lots of fresh Kale, another fresh crop of Green Beans, Celeriac and some awesome fingerling and specialty Potatoes that Ben has not begun to dig yet!! Lots of variety still heading out of the fields!" Jess & Ben

Helga from Pine River Organic Farm will be back with carrots, spinach, and lots more!

This week and next are your last chances to get knives and tools sharpened by Exact Edge as Denzil will be taking a break after that.

"Urban Harvest will be at market with lots of seeds for those of you still planting fall greens. We are so very proud of everyone for continuing to garden right into the fall. Last week for sale on mixes. All single varieties are now 5 for $10.

Perennial herbs are also still on sale and it is a perfect time for planting them. Earthly Paradise will have a few new Essential Oils too."

Knuckle Down news: "This week I will bring a small amount of spinach for those of you who have been asking! Tomatoes and salad turnips with be there in abundance as well as some colourful carrots and beans. For anyone looking for a good source of vitamin k, I will have a few bunches of mustard greens." Jenny Cook

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. There's a big weekend in the 'near east' at the end of September. You might want to mark your calendar:

WoolerDale Open House

Date: Sunday Sept. 30th, 11am-4pm

Bring a cup to enjoy some of WoolerDale's savoury soups and tour the farm! (The farm is a few minutes north of the 401 between Brighton and Trenton--directions available.)

On the same day, about 40 minutes drive away, LifeStock is taking place in support of farmer Montana Jones, who lost her flock of rare-breed sheep to a government decision that may rob her of her farm as well. More details here: LifeStock is taking place at Wholearth Farmstudio, just outside of Hastings (30 minutes north of Cobourg).

There's also a huge Picnic event happening in Prince Edward County the same weekend: You could make quite a getaway plan....

P.P.S. In other news, we're passing on a note from Amy Cheng, one of Toronto's young urban farmers:

Some of you may have already heard...but Rouge Park is being developed by the TRCA into Canada's first national urban park. It is a 40 square kilometre park with over 75 existing farms within the park boundaries, and currently, most are just corn and soy.

There is great opportunity here for more progressive and innovative initiatives such as bio-diverse urban agricultural production, educational gardens, and permaculture food forests. However, these ideas will not be put on the table unless we all speak up. Also, there are beautiful forest trails in the Rouge that are gems for this city, since they are more wild than most offered in other Toronto parks. Again, here's another opportunity to speak up and make sure this wilderness is preserved :)

If you have 5 minutes, PLEASE take a look at this site below and fill out the Parks Canada survey re: the park development. DEADLINE is SEPTEMBER 15th. Thanks so much everyone.

[Editor's note: the survey is a pretty general parks use one which doesn't really ask about the Agri-Food-Hub idea, so be sure to insert comments.]

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