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Weekly Market Notes for December 11, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

There's lots of news this week, but I'd like to start with something more sombre than the usual 'what's good to eat' report. The results of the 2006 census have been released, and this week I joined a Slow Food gathering where farmer David Cohlmeyer presented a summary of findings about our country's farmers. Some of the statistics could make you sit down and cry. As an example, in just the 5 years from 2001 to 2006, the number of farmers under age 35 in Ontario dropped by 25%. What's to be done when economic realities mean there's little future on the family farm? Well, lots, and with only 1.5% of Ontario's population now in farming, it's city folks like us who have to speak up and demand better for the people who feed us. The good news? More and more people are making that connection. In the coming months, we'll try to share news about specific issues you can use your voice to tackle.

Back to Dufferin, where we have the good fortune to know wonderful farmers who are determined to make it work:

From Greenfields: "A bright sunny day at the farm. A fair amount of rain mixed with cold temperatures has turned most of the driveway into a sheet of ice. If no one is around to see me fall then it doesn't count, right? Greenfields winter root crops are Sweet Carrots, Celariac, Jerusalem Artichokes, Black Radish (nice grated with carrot, apple, thinly sliced cabbage, dress it up, mmm), this will most likely be the last week for our sweet Rutabagas and Red Cabbage. Ontario veggies available are Garlic, Shiitake Mushrooms, Parsnip and Sweet Potato. Non-local: Great Broccoli this week at a good price, Red Chard, Black & Green Kale (Greenfields Kale is finished) Red Leaf & Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, a few greenhouse Tomatoes from Quebec and more! See you at market," Mark.

From Jessie Sosnicki: "I would like to encourage everyone to buy those beautiful Dufferin calendars! My folks, grandmother and siblings are all getting one for Christmas along with good friends too! An excellent Christmas present all the while supporting one of the best markets ever! This week Ben will continue to take orders for pork and vegetarian cabbage rolls for the holidays. He will have lots of sauerkraut; an easy way to prepare it is to rinse, add sliced onions and a dash of olive oil and enjoy raw, or rinse add onions, mushrooms, olive oil and roast. We'll have both buttery onion sauerkraut filled perogies and potato cheddar perogies aplenty, along with potatoes, onions and leeks and all the cabbage you can handle!"

From the Akiwenzies: "We won’t be down again this time. This weather (wind, snow, freezing temps) is not allowing us to do what we would like to do. The nets are in the boat and frozen to the deck. Hoping we can defrost them but the temperatures tomorrow may not allow us. We missed most of the snow last winter but we are making up for it. The boys are skiing almost every day, and it is pretty but for fishing it is a pain. Hope all is well at the market and hoping for some cooperation with the weather soon. We are not good snow bound for this length of time."

Bruno of Fun Guy Farms will be coming with the prettiest mushrooms around. (Cheat a little, open your 2009 market calendar and try the February recipe for Roasted Oyster Mushrooms. At our house we did last weekend, and it was heaven on earth.)

From Irene: "Thinking about what to serve those overnight guests over the holidays? Deer Valley Venison breakfast sausages make for an extra special brunch! I will also have fresh venison available this week and next. Let me know if you have any custom orders for the holidays." 519-928-5618

From Lindsey of Beretta Farms: "I will be bringing $1 deli ends, and $50 market bags; which could make a really awesome (frozen!) gift, if one is so inclined."

Also, Berettas has a position open in their sales department. For more info., write to: or visit

Olives, oil, and cheese will be back! From Angelos Kapelaris: "I had a great trip and glad to be home but sure not thrilled with this weather, it was 25 degrees and sunny when I left Greece."

Park happenings:

Sunday from 11-4 is the Winter Craft Fair.

There's a wonderful menu for Friday night at the rinkhouse: Slow cooked beef bourguignon with root veg mash and beet salad, Marinated tempeh in a coconut milk sauce with rice, and Apple pie.

There will also be a pre-supper reading at 5 by author Amy Gordon (from her magical-realism children's book that includes a bake oven inspired by ours).

Don't forget--keep the inspiration (yours and ours) going all year long with a market calendar. They're $15 including tax, and we're counting on your support.

See you at the market!


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