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Weekly Market Notes for December 04, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

Time to crack open your piggy banks, our calendar has arrived! Come and get them while they're hot! Complete with many images of your favourite foods and farmers, plus plenty of recipes, they cost $15 including tax, with all proceeds to the market. This is our fundraiser for the year, and we really value your support. We'll have them for sale at the market, and at the rinkhouse's Zamboni Caf through the week. The first batch of mail orders is on the way, and more orders can be accepted while supplies last. (Email for instructions.)

There's lots of news about advance orders from the vendors this week:

Beretta Farms news from Lindsey: "I'm going to bring Deli Ends (and lots of them) for...Only One Dollar! Also, it's VERY IMPORTANT that anyone wishing to get a turkey from me at the market MUST SIGN UP FOR IT AT MY TABLE THIS WEEK. The details are as follows: turkeys will be fresh, not frozen, between 15 and 18 lbs, to be picked up at the December 18th market.

From the Sosnickis: "Ben and I have been enjoying the first taste of our farm raised pork! The pigs grew up on a steady bevy of vegetable scraps; tomatoes, corn, melons, lots of greens and our own farm grains and any beet and carrot tops that came back from market, but their favourite by far was scrap potatoes we boiled up for them every two days or so. They loved mashed potatoes so much I could get them to follow a pailful anywhere. On cloudy, rainy days during the season they followed me into the greenhouses where they became the 'mobile manure team' where they would also root and eat all the weeds. They did a lot of the work for us in getting the greenhouses ready for next season already! To share in our pork harvest I will be making special cabbage rolls for the holiday season. I will be using our own pork (and lots of it) in lieu of our neighbours' beef, less rice, more garlic, more wrapped cabbage, and lots of sauce to make them extra huge and good! I will begin bringing an order form for particular orders, but hope to have lots at market before the holidays. I will make vegetarian rolls too that will include peppers and mushrooms in lieu of the meat and make them big and saucy too. So put in an order soon, especially if you need more than a dozen. We'll be at Dufferin with both kinds of perogies, lots of sauerkraut and storage crops." Jess.

"In order to avoid disappointment, please place your custom Christmas orders for Deer Valley Venison with Irene as soon as possible. This is a very busy time of the year for the processor, who would appreciate as much notice as possible." Arrangements can be made directly with Irene at the market, by phone (519-928-5618), or email:

From Natasha and Andrew Akiwenzie: "We wont be down this week for the weather wont give us the necessary time to get out to find some fish."

Our biggest winter challenge is working out space for all the vendors who'd like to be at the market. Ralph Robitaille of Pineapple Orchards is our newest producer, and while he hasn't complained a bit about our lack of indoor spots, the temperatures will eventually make it hard to sell apples outside! So do carry home extra apples to store for the winter; Spys are exceptional "keepers" and will make wonderful pies and other tasty things pretty much til spring comes around.

Red Wagon Preserves, made by Lea Ambros, Anna Bekerman and Jenny Cook from Ted Thorpe's and the Sosnickis' tomatoes, will be available again this week.

The very-local-very-handmade Winter Craft Fair will be taking place under the market tents or in the rinkhouse (depending on weather) on December 14th from 11-4.

Now that December is here it's also time to mention that our schedule will not be "the usual" this month. Since Christmas and New Year's fall on Thursdays (for the first time in our history), we've decided to hold a special TUESDAY market on December 23rd, so everyone can fill their pantries for a long holiday. After that we won't be back until January 8th, so mark this date in your calendar (which might remind you of how I started this message....)

See you at the market!


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