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Weekly Market Notes for December 17, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

We look forward to seeing you at our last market of 2009 this week. Be sure to take home lots of extra food for the coming stretch when our vendors will enjoy a bit of a rest.

Since pretty much everyone on those naughty and nice lists eats, we also recommend shopping for presents. Growing Spaces' lovely preserves, Forbes' Wild Mushrooms, Black Duck Wild Rice, Urban Harvest body care, Bees Universe honey and candles, Chocosol coffee and chocolate...just some of the possibilities that could fit nicely into our two-for-one market bags!

Here's the news from the farms:

Sosnickis news: We made it to the holidays with our trial run of heirloom tomatoes! Full speed ahead for next year using our greenhouses as covered fields! Log onto for our holiday blog and pictures of what heirlooms and other goodies we'll have for Dufferin this week. We took advantage of the warm weather yesterday and mass harvested all our Brussel Sprouts, so we will have plenty for the holidays along with all our own Potatoes, Celery, Onions, Carrots, Beets, Celeriac & Cabbages. We will have Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls and lots and lots of both kinds of Perogies for quick holiday meals! Ben and I wish everyone a happy holiday season and hope the very best for all in 2010!! We're armed with seed catalogues - we're ready!! Jessie.

Lots of Greenfields produce to help with the celebrations this holiday season. Our Green/Purple Kale is as sweet as can be and will be nearing the end as the New Year approaches. You can't get any more festive than our 'Candy Cane' Beets, and Lutz Red Beets will be here as well. Celeriac, Rutabagas, Sunchokes, Watermelon Radish and the last of our Daikon Radish round off the Greenfields grown goodies. OntarioYams, Parsnips and winter Squash along with a nice selection of other vegetables. Clementines will be at our table along with a good selection of fruit. p.s. The fourth Wiseman brought a gift of Greenfields Carrots and was by far the most popular wiseman at the party! Merry Christmas Mark and Co.

Pineapple Orchards apples will be tucked into the garage, along with Ted's abundant produce and the rest of the gang.

Some of you have asked about calendars, but our Dufferin 2009 edition is a one-of-a-kind collector's item (at this point, anyway). If you're wishing for one with a local farm focus and some good growing tips, Everdale has a beautiful New Farmer calendar for 2010 in support of the Farmers Growing Farmers program, available on-line at:

When I asked FoodShare's Kitchen Manager, Alvin Rebick, to provide some local snacks for a meeting recently, he invented this delicious dip, and then kindly wrote up the recipe so I could pass it along. It's very festive looking!

Alvin's Delicious Beet Dip
6 - 8 beets
2 large onions
2 Teaspoons butter or oil
juice of one lemon
1/2 cup feta cheese
1/4 cup cream cheese

Boil the beets until they are easily pierced with a fork; peel and cut into the bowl of a food processor. While the beets are cooking slice the onions into rings and then sauté slowly in a frying pan with the butter or oil. When soft and transparent (caramelized), add the onions to the food processor, squeeze in the lemon juice then add the cheeses. Puree until smooth.

To all of our farmers and vendors, and to you, our loyal supporters, Very best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.

See you at the market,and back again January 7th!

Anne Freeman

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