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Weekly Market Notes for December 20, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

So, we come to the shortest days, and our last market of 2007. It has been another year of great community support and excellent eating. We hope you can join us for our festive pre-holiday market. If you're looking for some presents this week, think food! It's a good way to just about everybody's heart.

Here's the news from the vendors:

From Jonathan Forbes: "Seth is on holiday so I'll be at the market if I can get out of all the snow up here! The special this week is Wild Lingonberry, also known as Mountain Cranberry or Partridgeberry in Newfoundland. A big 250ml jar is $7.00, normally $9.95 in stores. It is sharp but not as sour as regular cranberries. I'll have lots of dried wild mushrooms for stuffing that big bird."

From Colette Murphy of Urban Harvest: "This will be my last market until early Feb 2008. Stock up on any body care you need. I will also bring a few packets of seeds in case you want to stuff some in a Christmas stocking. We look forward to an exciting 2008 with some great additions to our seed and plant list. All the best and have a wonderful New Year. Thanks for all your support in 2007."

This will also be the last market for a while for Miquela Leahy of Merrylynd Organics, but she'll come in the last Thursday of the month with flours and grains so you can stock up.
Ted Thorpe, whose supply of storage vegetables has been pretty much gobbled up, will take a break til the first crops of spring are ready. We'll miss you Ted!
Bill Howson is wrapping up market sales of Guatemalan coffee, but you can contact him for orders via email or phone: <> or 416-536-5650.'''

To whet your appetite, a little description from Maria Solakovski of her fruitcakes: "Densely packed with dried fruit...with tons of handmade lightly syruped lemon peel, apricots, dates, sultanas, and cashews. All of this soaked in plenty of dark Jamaican rum and the lemon juice from the peels. I mix this jewel like fruitiness with amaranth and spices that will bite you- like cardamom, fennel, allspice and black pepper."

Great veggies, cheese, bread, meat, and more, too. A good season for backpacks.
Remember that there won't be a market on December 27th. Please pass the word along.
Happy Holidays to all, and Very Best Wishes for the New Year!

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