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Weekly Market Notes for December 20, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

Here comes the longest night, which means we soon will turn towards the sun again! Our stretch of lucky (i.e. non-rainy) Thursdays may be interrupted by a few showers or flurries, but we hope you won't let that deter you, because we are so very fortunate in having an abundance of farm-fresh foods coming in. I happily signed up to bring the veggies to our family feast, knowing I'd have loads to choose from.

Sosnickis' contribution: “Happy Holidays to all! Ben will have extra Perogies and garlicky Vegan Cabbage Rolls for holiday treats for friends and family! Also Sweet Corn, Green Beans and Raw Sauerkraut to add to your festive meal planning!!

Ben will have our tasty Fingerling Potatoes for roasting and mashing, Cooking Onions, Garlic, Cabbages and MERRY CHRISTMAS - STILL COMING FROM THE FIELDS: fresh pulled Beets with tops, Celeriac, oh yes: Broccoli!! Kale, Spinach....all being harvested fresh! We'll grab the rest of the field Brussel Sprouts too! Sweeter than the storage ones. All the best everyone for a happy, healthy, good eatin' New Year!” Jessie & Ben

Ted will have both his Nelson and Bolero carrots, and you may enjoy comparing their relative merits (Bolero's a little sweeter, but Nelson is great on 'carroty' flavour). Woolerdale's the one for sweet potatoes, while Kevin (Shared Harvest) continues to impress us with a wide variety of cool weather harvests.

From Sandra at Kind Organics: “We will have our teas and herb blends all dressed up for Christmas this week. It will also be the true Last Day for Kale Chips for this year. We only have Cheesy flavour left. Have you thought of bringing a sparkling Non-alcoholic beverage to a holiday dinner but didn't know what? Try Kombucha. We now have 5 flavours including Cosmic, Nettle, Chaga, Green Tea and Noir (extra strong fermentation black tea).”

DeFloured Christmas specials:

  • assorted Christmas Tarts: mince meat, chocolate fig, ricotta raisin, chocolate orange, and maple butter tarts.
  • assorted 8 " tarts: cranberry eggnog flan, apple, apple cranberry, coconut chocolate and mincemeat.

From Krista and Chris

If you've still got presents to buy as well as groceries, just relax and come on over. You really can't go wrong with market goodies for everyone.

We hope you and all of our vendors enjoy some merriment and some rest next week (NO MARKET THURSDAY DECEMBER 27). Eat up those leftovers and join us for fridge restocking on Thursday January 3rd, 2013.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Everyone!!

Anne Freeman

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