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Weekly Market Notes for December 13, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

You may be feeling the need for a break from busy streets and stores and canned music at the moment. Whether you have a long list of festive gifts to buy, or you'd like a wee treat yourself, the market will be a lovely 'alternative' destination this week. Many of the vendors have been busy preparing seasonal goodies, and the produce selection continues to be outstanding. On the weekend, don't forget the Dufferin Grove Winter Craft Fair, under our tents on Sunday afternoon. Head to for more details.

I sat down with a cup of tea and cut into one of Alli's Bakery's pretty shortbread rounds this week, and my, it is tasty! Just the thing to make a winter afternoon special, and a perfect present.

Krista and Chris of DeFloured will be bringing lots of delicious, gluten-free holiday baking to market this time and next, packaged in bigger boxes so you can share if you want to.

Sandra Dombi just keeps it coming with beautifully labelled new delights. Kind's Seasonal Herb Blend is a great example. A flavourful blend of savoury dried herbs in a nice jar, ready to make 101 dishes taste better. I'll get to the market early so I don't have to worry that you'll buy it all first....

When I spoke to Blythe from Growing Spaces on the phone, she was making Apple Curry Chutney, and had finished a batch of traditional Quebec-style Chili Sauce, great with tourtiere (or mac & cheese!). She also has some very pretty Lime Mint Jelly and Red Pepper Jelly (my favourite with cheeses), and all her other great preserves.

I'm hoping Seth of Forbes Wild Foods will have more Niagara-grown nuts this week. I brought home some butternuts to remind my Dad of his childhood, when they used to store them in the attic, but my dear husband has set up a boulder and a hammer in the kitchen and I keep hearing nutshells crack....

Colette has fragrant soaps, flower facial steams, wonderful body care and seeds, and her new cards featuring Laura Berman's photographs are beautiful. Speaking of our good friend Laura, I called her in a rush today when Anna at the park relayed a message from the New York Times requesting a winter market picture to include with a mention of us in their travel section. Aren't you glad you planned a staycation?

THIS WEEK ONLY: Bees Universe has more than honey. On their farm near Innisfil, Ionel and Irina raise quite a few farm fowl as well. This week, one goose, several ducks, and a number of stewing/soup hens will be available. If you haven't tried 'Poule au Pot' made with a well-raised, 'retired' laying hen, don't delay.

From Angelos: "I'll be back at the market, all prepared for another year. The olives are all picked, the oil pressed, and on the way over."

This Thursday will be the last market of the season for Earth & City. Cassandra writes, "We've loved our first season at Dufferin, and we look forward to vending again in the spring, fingers crossed it's an early one!"

Sosnickis' news: "I decided to picture-document our vegan cabbage roll making this year! Log onto our blog at to check it out! Lots of very yummy certified organic vegan cabbage rolls, perogies, raw sauerkraut and frozen corn and beans coming! Also, field harvests continue! Red cabbage has grown and is being cut fresh, Spinach is field fresh, Celeriac has also grown, so we are pulling her out of the mud and will have a bunch for Dufferin! Broccoli, Kale too!! Even some fresh Brussel Sprouts! The ones in storage don't taste all that great. Our potatoes and cabbage are the only storage crops coming tomorrow. All the rest - field fresh!!" Jess & Ben

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Please mark on your calendar that there will be no market on Thursday December 27th.

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