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Weekly Market Notes for December 06, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

I saw some pictures this week of Christmas markets in Bavaria, packed with jolly people shopping in the early darkness of winter. It looked like a lot of fun, but then, our home-grown fun is pretty good too! Okay, we don't have exactly the same laws about beer and mulled wine at markets...but there's a lot of good cheer in the air. No shortage of neighbourhood news, an amazing crop of market-going babies to admire, and we are just so lucky with the selection of food we've got on offer. If you've been absent for a while, come on over and you might get one of Ted's special "where the hell have YOU been?" welcomes.

Sosnickis' contribution: "I'm taking orders for holiday Perogies, Vegan Cabbage Rolls, Corn, Beans and Sauerkraut. This way Ben can gauge what to bring to market so no one is disappointed. Our blog has all the info. Log onto We are STILL field harvesting! The early week mild weather allowed us to get out there and get some Celeriac, Beets (with tops still!), sweet Spinach and Kale. Ben and I are even cutting fresh Broccoli!! It is awesome to have these crops at this time. Please enjoy the field fresh!! Coming from our storage will be Potatoes, Cabbages, Onions, Garlic and Brussel Sprouts." Jess & Ben

Angelos is on his way back from Greece, but won't be here in time to attend this week's market. Next time....

Knuckle Down Farm news: "This will be my last week at the market 'till next spring! Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement. The warm weather early this week meant I had a chance to harvest lots of carrots, baby beets, chard, kale and piles of daikon. See you tomorrow." Jenny

From Colette at Urban Harvest: "Hi all, we will be at the market with both our body care and our seeds. They all make great stocking stuffers and we will have gift bags and tissue. Thanks again for all of your support."

An announcement from our friends at Slow Food Toronto:

"This year, Slow Food Toronto is celebrating Terra Madre Day a little differently. We invite you to cook a meal MADE FROM SCRATCH together with your friends and family, at home, anytime between December 8-10th. And wed love for you to share your stories, photos and recipes with us! MADE FROM SCRATCH means no industrially processed food, no weird un-identifiable food, no manufactured food with ingredients you cant pronounce, and certainly no food coloured in neon shades that glow in the dark."

In other words, a meal made from anything you can find at our market! To join in sharing stories, visit Slow Food Toronto's website for instructions:

In case you've been wondering, just ten days til the always lovely Dufferin Grove Winter Craft Fair on Sunday December 16th.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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