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Weekly Market Notes for February 11, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

With all the events on the calendar coming up, I feel I ought to tell you that we'll have olympic-sized, heart-shaped family foods that will make you all feel strong as tigers! Really, though, with no exaggeration, what you can count on finding is plenty of tasty, well-grown, raised and made food from our good market folks, this week and every week.

A gentle nudge to all locavores: we've had many requests for local vegetables beyond the storage crops, and we're lucky to be getting some more local greenhouse greens this week. However, they do cost more to produce than long-distance-lettuce, and because they are delicate, it won't be possible to offer them if there are a lot of leftovers at the end of the market. We count on your steady support to make this collaboration work. Your feedback is always welcome.

Sosnickis' (Wednesday morning) news: "Ben's been busy with maintainence on the greenhouses and we've got beautiful 'true leaves' on our tomato seedlings! I smell tomatoes!! We've got lots of perogies and new this week are vegetarian cabbage rolls with our cabbage, onions & celeriac in them! Ben's headed out already this morn at 7am to stoke the wood stove in the shop and get it warm for vegetable grading today. All our regular storage crops will be available at Dufferin!" Jessie

Greenfields report: "A great selection of fruits and veggies available at our tables this week. Still lots of super tasty Greenfields grown Carrots, Celeriac, Sunchokes and Red 'Lutz' Beets. Locally grown Shiitake Mushrooms are fresh and lovely, Parsnips are a hit, Black Radish will make you feel good, Rutabagas are just plain nice, Gold medal winning Squash and Local greenhouse Salad mix should do the trick! And a whole lot more. See you there," Mark

Due to an illness in the family, Seldom Seen, Seldom Heard hasn't been at Dufferin for some time, but Dan Glassco sent a message this week: "We are now taking orders for Easter and Passover.We have milk finished and pasture fed lamb available. Milk finished $10.50 / pound, heavier pasture fed $8.50 / pound, delivered. Contact me and we can discuss further details. Thank you in advance." Dan Glassco: 416-289-9727,

We also have excellent lamb available at the market along with the cheeses, yogurt and other fine sheep's milk products from Best Baa. Don't miss the crew in the garage! It may be Ted Thorpe's last week, though if you tell him you'll miss him he might just show up again....

Late-breaking news: Beretta Farms is unable to be at the market today due to illness.

And just in time for sweethearts, from Meg at Forbes Wild Foods: "We'll be at the market with some lovely Valentine's Day specials. Fresh local Heart Nuts are a beautiful heart-shaped nut which would be a perfect addition to a romantic meal. We will also have a special on 190mL jars of our Wild Rose Petal Jelly. Happy heart day!" (By the way, Jonathan Forbes received a Local Food Hero award from the Toronto Food Policy Council this week! Read about Canada's Master of Wild Edibles on too.)

In other news, from Jutta Mason: There's pretty strong opposition all over Ward 18, to the planned move of Recreation supervisor Tino DeCastro down to Metro Hall to supervise cleaners. Here 's the newsletter explaining more: This kind of musical-chairs style of management is not uncommon but may damage Dufferin Grove particularly. Lots of talk at the rink clubhouse, with various musicians playing to show their support (Andrew Cash last Sunday); more are coming this weekend. If you want to object to losing Tino, you can e-mail the general manager of Parks and Recreation Brenda Patterson If you want to find out more, come by for Friday Night Supper or e-mail

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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