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Weekly Market Notes for February 18, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

I had a nice call from one of our market founders this week, farmer Ute Zell, who promises to visit soon and show us what's she's up to in her adventure raising Alpacas. She's clearly enjoying the project, and learning all about what can be made with their wonderful wool. Ute's willingness to re-invent herself and try new things is truly admirable, and just one example of the determination of the farmers we work with. To be a small-scale, environmentally-conscious farmer these days takes imagination and courage. A good cheering section doesn't hurt, either, and that's where we come in! Here's the news:

Sosnickis report: 'Our storage supply is still pretty plentiful, so Ben will have our 6 main crops at Dufferin. Also lots of sauerkraut, vegetarian cabbage rolls and perogies too! Come out and visit Ben and I at 'Seedy Sunday'* where you can grab a hot perogie on a cabbage plate and include your email on our mailing list regarding our compost and seed potatoes for this spring!!" Jessie

A great selection of fruits and veggies will be coming this week. Greenfields grown produce still available includes Sunchokes, Celeriac, Red ' Lutz ' Beets, Rutabaga and our famous Carrots. Local Parsnips, Black Radish, Butternut Squash and greenhouse grown Salad Mix as well. Don't forget to bring your own bags! See you there Mark

Deer Valley (venison) and Fun Guy Farms (mushrooms) will be absent this week, and Ted Thorpe is away working on his tan, but... Andrew Akiwenzie hopes to be down with fresh fish! Look for him in the garage.

From Jutta Mason: This Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to e-mail the ombudsman about the crisis building at Dufferin Grove. Here's the link to the sample letter and the e-mail addresses: By 2 pm on Wednesday there had been over 90 e-mails to the ombudsman, and somebody started a Facebook group that quickly climbed to over 700 members. The group is called "Dufferin Grove Park needs your help." Anyway, if this is the last crisis and the park does revert to its pre-1993 state, it's been a wonderful run! (although a bit tiring...)

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

Don't forget *Seedy Saturday on a Sunday, on this weekend at The Green Barns, from 12:30-6 pm, featuring many small-scale seed producers and lots about gardening. Might run into you there, as some of the gang of market organizers will be there spreading the word to the friendly crowd.

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