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Weekly Market Notes for February 15, 2007

Hello Market Friends

In this deep-freeze, things felt a little lonely at the market desk, so I sent out a call....Any news out there? The happy reports that came back got me looking forward to the trip to the market and the good meals that will follow. From our vendors:

Plan B:

"Hello everyone. Hope you’re all well and surviving the little squall we got. The news at Plan B this week is the return of Farmer Rodrigo, back from having ridden his motorcycle to Chile! He was out fixing greenhouse doors in the freezing cold on his first day, which brings me a chuckle. Hopefully he’ll make the market this week (and I’ll get to stay home).This week we’ll be bringing more of the fine Slegers' mix, Boston lettuce, arugula, watercress, basil, cilantro, Russian kale and spinach, all certified organic and local greens in February. Yeow! There will be lots of local apples and sweet potatoes, squash, onions & garlic. Mmmmmm! We’ll also have lots of fine foods from around the globe. Lots to be thankful for!" Alvaro

From Greenfields:

"Lots of snow to work and play in at the farm. Local goodies coming to market this week are Beets, Shiitake & White Mushrooms, Yellow Onion, Parsnip, Greenfields Sunchokes, Cilantro, Spinach, Boston Lettuce and the long awaited arrival of Local Greens from Deerfields in Hillsburgh, ON. An extensive selection of other Vegetables and Fruit will also be here for your enjoyment. Greenfields will have RAW MILK buttons for sale, so support your 'Right To Choose'. All proceeds go to the Raw Milk Legal Defence Fund. See you at market & thank you to all Dufferin Market friends who show their support all year long!!" Mark

From the Sosnickis:

"Ben and I have a nice collection of seeds just waiting for germination: 'Red Zebra, Big Rainbow', 'Green Grape'....all tomato, and lots of other neat heirlooms ready to plant as soon as we can clear the snow from the greenhouse doors! Tomorrow at Dufferin will be potatoes, cabbage, PEROGIES, veggie cabbage rolls, the last bit of our frozen sweet corn!" Jess & Ben.

From Akiwenzie's Fish:

"We will be making it down. The smoker is going and the fresh is going to be ready shortly. The snow you got still has a way to catch up with what we got in the last two weeks." Natasha and Andrew

From Colette:

"All the gods and goddesses willing, Urban Harvest will be at the market tomorrow with lots of new seeds and the old reliables too. We will also have some Earthly Paradise body care but it may not be too visible so just ask. Happy snowballs for Valentines Day."

Bundle up and come see the friendly faces at the market!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 p.m. year-round

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